The wacky world of Donald Trump

Perspectives with Shirley Hallee

Published on March 3, 2017

Perspectives with Shirley Hallee

It has provided comedic fodder for Saturday Night Live, and it has left thinking people shaking their heads in disbelief. Some of the behaviours and words of Donald Trump are so beyond the norm that they could be seen as laughable – if they weren't so scary.

Donald Trump appeals to those who are angry… those who feel they have a god-given right to hate. Trump has also used fear to bring some folks to his way of thinking. People are to be afraid of those who are “different.” Adolf Hitler made those who practised Judaism the enemy.

Trump has made Muslims the enemy. He has determined that those who are hoping to escape the violence of war and strife in his list of seven countries – which are predominately populated by those who practise the Islamic faith – are not to find refuge in the United States.

For a brief time Muslim people from those seven countries found their entry visas were not to be honoured. The federal court quickly put a stop to Trump's signed order. Now the Trump administration is trying to find a way to circumvent the court's ruling. It would seem that Trump does not like to be told, “No.”

Lt. General H.R. McMaster, Trump's new National Security adviser, disagrees with his boss referring to terrorists as radical Islamic terrorists. McMaster has stated that the jihadists are not reflecting Islamic faith with their acts of violence, and to link that violence with the Islamic faith disrespects true Muslims. Another point of disagreement is that McMaster sees Russia as an insidious threat. It would appear there may well have been some questionable contact with Putin by Trump's people – prior to that contact being legal and ethical.

Then there is Trump's ongoing war with the press. This past week four major news sources were denied access to a press conference. Senator John McCain has stated that Trump's attacks on the press are “how dictators get started.” If a president wants to become a “ruler” it is necessary to control information.

But not all can be taken seriously within the Trump presidency. I have noted a few interesting things. First there seems to be a certain standard in appearance for those surrounding Trump. Initially I thought it was just the adults in the family that took on “a look” that could have been taken from a scene in “The Stepford Wives.” The “perfect” hair, with same style and the perfect dresses worn by each of the Trump women… and men, with a standard haircut and clad in very similar suits, ties and shirts – it has all seemed a bit much.

Then there is the young Baron Trump wearing the exact same hairstyle as his father, and attired in suit, shirt and tie that is a repeat of the elder man. How many early adolescent boys want to be a carbon copy of their father? I do think the kid was given a name with a built-in challenge… sounds a bit like a yet-to-be earned title.

The real eye-opener for me came this past week. I turned on the TV and saw Donald Trump signing yet another presidential order. Trump was wearing a navy blue suit… and all the men and even the woman behind him were attired in navy blue. What are the chances that more than a dozen people got up that morning and decided they would wear a navy blue outfit? Or… could that be a sign of ultimate control?


Shirley Hallee’s column appears bi-weekly in the Amherst News.