Turn on, tune in, bingo!

Rose Willigar bworks@amherstdaily.com
Published on March 12, 2008

PARRSBORO: Grab your Bingo dabber and tune into 99.1FM, Parrsboro's community radio. The Radio Society is hosting radio bingo every Thursday this month.
"Radio Bingo is an idea the radio society has been working on for three years," Society Chair Ross Robinson said.
"Having radio bingo is a great fundraiser that will help the small radio station survive rather than canvassing local businesses for sponsorship."
The radio station has acquired a license for the bingo that is good for three years along with a professional bingo machine that used to be used at Parrsboro's curling club.
"We have up to date computer equipment that will be used in verifying bingo winners," Robinson said.
To date bingo cards are available at Durant's Recycling, Rosebuds and Pedals, T & C Taxi and Dennis Babineau will be at the Co-op in Parrsboro selling radio bingo cards.
"Radio bingo is great for those who don't have cable and aren't able to get out to the Lions Den on TV bingo nights. Anyone with a radio can tune into 99.1 FM and play along," the radio society chair said.
The radio station that has been broadcasting community events for 10 years plays a variety of music starting off with 50's and 60's in the morning then moving into country with classic rock and roll following, ending off the evenings broadcast with modern music. Tune into Parrsboro's Community radio on Sunday's with Frank Hartman for gospel.
Many old familiars will return to the radio station along with a few new voices to be heard over the air waves including Nathan Tupper who Robinson said they were happy to have join the ranks at Parrsboro's Community Radio.
Robinson also said that anyone wishing to become a part of the station is welcome whether it be on the air or behind the scenes.