Never been a grad class like ours

Parrsboro grads reminded of their uniqueness by valedictorian

Rose Willigar
Published on July 5, 2008
Parrsboro Regional High School graduated 39 students on Thursday, June 26, including this excited group of graduates preparing to enter the gymnasium.

Parrsboro - Graduating from Parrsboro Regional High were 39 students on the night of June 26 with Alexander Scott as 2008 Valedictorian.

Addressing his fellow graduates along with teachers, and other staff members and guests, Scott quoted 19th century novelist Thomas Hardy:

Time changes everything, except something within us which is always surprised by change, he said. Tonight, we are celebrating an end of one phase of our lives and in the beginning of a new one. We have run this race successfully, and now were just star fresh in another.

Scott left his classmates with these final remarks: As we enter adulthood, there will be many responsibilities and challenges to face, he said. My fellow graduates, I believe that every one of you is capable of meeting these head on.

We are a special and unique group; there has never been a graduating class like ours before, and there will never be one like it again, he continued.

Numerous scholarships, bursaries and awards were handed out during the ceremony. The big winner was Chelsi Cormier, who was one of only 27 students across Canada to receive the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award valued at a total of $28,000 over a four year period.

The graduating class of 2008 at Parrsboro Regional High School was listed as follows;

Justin Ryan Brown, Collin Jackson Canning, Michael Scott Canning, Brittany Jean Clarke, Chelsi Marie Cormier, Travis Allison Dowe, Jillian Nicole Durant, Sidnee Dawn Falkenham, Andrew Blake Gerrity, Adam Terry Gillis, Diana Elizabeth Grace Goodwin, Annie Marie Hannah, Megan Christine Henwood, Kristen Katherine Hunter, Katrina Dawn Hurley, Katrina Marie MacDonald, Travis Charles MacMillan, Michael Jordan McPhee, Matthew Duncan Mills, Melanie Grace Morris, Brittany Jean Morton, Amanda Nicholson, William OFarrell, Jessica Christine Perrin, Dylan Thomas Porter, Melodie Amber Power, Paige Carolyn Power, Jeaneil Donna Quinn, Kayla Marisa Rector, Selina Dawn Robinson, Alexander Raymond Scott, Brittany Debra Rose Sellons, Katie Michelle Spicer, Matthew Edward Stewart, Jeremy Lawrence Taylor, Jessica Anne Ward, Jonathan Barry Wood and Hans Jakob Carlsson.