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Wentworth active motorcyclist aged 98 years

Wyman ‘Bun’ Betts at age 98 years can be seen scooting around Wentworth on his motorcycle.  

He attends groups in Masstown every Tuesday, and is a member of the Amherst Motorcycle Club Defenders, Chapter 11, which meets annually for a bash with parades of about 60 motorcycles.
Betts was presented two years ago with a Bordertown Biker Bash plaque which states: “Presented to Wyman “Bun” Betts the oldest biker in North America (to our knowledge) still riding at 96 years young.”
This plaque was presented in 2016 when he was till 96 years of age and not 97 until Aug. 15.
Betts has an easy and friendly personality which makes him outgoing for questions by fans and at age 98 he hears clearly without any hearing aids and eats the same normal diet which he has had over the years. He has driven and owned Honda motorcycles for over 60 years.
Betts owned a lumber mill where he worked for many years, and in the winter he worked at Ski Wentworth.
I asked him what his secret was about living a long, healthy life, and he said, “No secret. I just lived the same kind of life I always had: no special diet and no prescribed exercise. I do exercise with biking, but that is my personal choice.”

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