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Wellness fund applications available until Oct. 15

Community Health Boards are often asked exactly what wellness funds are. These funds are intended to support projects that improve the health and well being of our communities and are made available through annual funding to the Nova Scotia Health Authority from the Department of Health and Wellness.

This year, the Cumberland County CHBs have over $42,000 in wellness funds available for projects that will support the implementation of recommendations from the most recent CHB Community Health Plan. Funding is available for local non-profit community groups’ projects that take a population health approach to address the health plan priorities and the determinants of health.
For those who aren’t familiar with them, the determinants of health are factors that affect the health of individuals and communities. Where we live, work and relationships with friends and family all impact our health.
The determinants of health include: income and social status, healthy child development, gender, social support networks, education, culture, employment and working conditions, personal health practices, social environments, geography, physical environments and genetics.
The Cumberland County CHB Community Health Plan for 2016 to 2019 includes four priorities: increase economic well being; increase mental wellness and sense of belonging; increase healthy lifestyles and supportive environments; and increase community engagement and positive relationships.
Funding is intended for new and innovative projects or to enhance existing programs that meet an identified need. To be eligible for a wellness grant, non-profit community groups and organizations must have been together for a minimum of six months and are able to receive, manage and track funding.
As part of the NSHA’s northern zone (with Pictou and Colchester-East Hants), Cumberland County’s wellness funds are divided among the three CHBs – Pugwash and Region, Chair Joyce Gray $10,840; SPAR, Southampton, Parrsboro, Advocate & Region, Chair, Frank Hartman $9,500 and SOAR, Springhill Oxford Amherst and Region, Co-Chairs Bill Schurman and Linda Cloney $22,000.
Copies of the wellness fund application are available at
Before submitting your proposal, you are encouraged to contact your local CHB co-ordinator, Colleen Dowe to ensure your project meets the application guidelines. You can reach Colleen at or 902-397-0376.
Deadline for submissions is midnight Oct. 15 2017.

Colleen Dowe is the community health boards co-ordinator for Cumberland County.

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