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Trump, an enemy of human rights

Transgender equality does not exist in the mind of Donald Trump, the US president who has made it his primary aim to belittle, insult, bully, promote hatred and surrounds himself with like-minded associates, is not fit to lead a nation with his anti-human rights rhetoric.  

The armed forces is only one incident where Trump is making it well known that he does not support LGBTQ rights. The unbelievable actions of this arrogant and self-righteous individual are mind boggling. His continuing attack on citizens, in the US and around the globe, is worrying and extremely scary.
We do not know as yet if the order to eliminate transgender people out of the armed forces from the president has reached the Pentagon or Congress, but it clearly indicates the mind of this man is twisted and dangerous.
LGBTQ rights must be defended and respected, as must the rights of all citizens. It is beyond belief that a president of a country that proclaims that it is the “Land of the Free” remains in his position. Referred to as the most powerful leader in the world, he certainly has made it quite clear that he has no intention of protecting human values and human rights.
This is dangerous and of course, detrimental to all who inhabit this planet. His cronies in the White House are of equal thoughts as was revealed in the background of folks such as, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a long time opponent of equality for America’s LGBTQ citizens.
This action suggests to our younger people that it’s not okay to be transgender, whether in the armed forces or outside, to not be gay, lesbian, or bisexual. Donald Trump is a menace to our society, a truly appalling person. America is at his mercy unless he is impeached and that takes planning and is time consuming.
So, we must wait, be patient and live in the hope that his presidency is short-lived. This attack on a certain group of people is totally against all that is good and fair. Perhaps his own party will have the gumption and rise up against him and rid us of this horrendous individual. Absolutely no one deserves the kind of treatment handed out for the past six months.
If getting rid of Trump is thought to be the end of the discrimination we would be jubilant, but waiting in the wings is vice president Mike Pence, a right-wing conservative with a hatred for the LGBTQ community. The Republican Party is well known for breeding anti-social behaviour.
These men are only a sampling of the party that is attempting to bring anti-LGBTQ folks to a step back in equality. It is disconcerting to see a man who cosies up to eastern leaders such as, the king of Saudi Arabia, who ban LGBTQ people within their populations and picks fights with those who embrace equal human rights.
By all accounts he remains in awe of Russia’s Putin, again a leader who does not respect equality for LGBTQ people and supports the beatings and imprisonment of them. President Trump has all the makings of a dictator, a divider, a bully, a man who would love to be in complete control and in a position to eliminate LGBTQ people from the armed forces. Indeed an enemy of human rights.
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Gerard Veldhoven is a former Amherst resident who is a longtime activist for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. His column appears weekly in the Amherst News. Comments and information:

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