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Sept. 11, 1947: New rink under construction

Every effort will be made to provide Springhill with a new and up-to-date rink this winter. Work on the project has started this week and the new building will be erected on the lot north of Victoria Driving Park.

Orders to get construction underway were given by Howard Tattrie, Chairman of the Committee, following a meeting held last week in the office of Supt. E.B. Paul, when it was decided to accept the offer of two war-assets for two drill halls now standing at Debert which will be dismantled and re-erected on the new site under the supervision of A.B. Smith who has as his chief carpenter Clarence Rafuse who assisted in erecting a number of these buildings at Debert.
The Building Committee
The general committee selected five members to act as the Building Committee with E.B. Paul as Chairman. Assisting Mr. Paul will be Ian Price, Company Engineer; Harry Fenton, Carpenter; Norman McDonald and C.J. Allbon.
Select Location
On Friday the Committee selected the site for the rink which will run parallel with Lisgar Street. Due to the sharp grade it was found impossible to run the rink parallel to the park as it had been proposed. This would have necessitated a cut of some 15 feet into the hill. The rink, however, will be accessible from the new street which will be run in off Lisgar just opposite Moore’s Garage as well as from Queen Street.
Full Ice Surface
The building itself will measure about 250 feet in length by 112 feet in width. Not one post will mar the view of the spectators. Details as to ice surface, dressing rooms, etc., are yet to be completed by the Committee, but the interior will be modern in every respect.
$18,000 in Bank
Touching on the finances Mr. S.D. Reid told the Committee that stock had been sold to the value of about $18,000. It is not anticipated that this will be sufficient to complete the job, but it is expected that hundreds that have not invested in the rink will do so once the rink gets underway.
Donate Land
The location of the rink has been donated by the Cumberland Railway and Coal Company.
Install Flood Lights on Monument
After eighteen months of trying the Committee in charge of the Soldiers Memorial were successful in securing a new 500-watt light which now floodlights the memorial from a post in front of Vern Mills’ Store. The light was turned on Monday.
Springhill Wrestler’s Success
Nova Scotia’s contribution to the wrestling world is a rough and rugged man from Springhill - Harry Madison. The Cumberland County man learned the game in the United States, fighting regularly against the leading grapplers, and today he ranks in the top drawer.
Friday night he won the feature bout of the Halifax Arena wrestling card when he defeated Henry Kulkavitch. Madison took the third and deciding fall after 5.50 of battling by applying a reserve cobra hold. Kulkavitch was tossed out of the ring during the third fall, and was unable to find his way back into the squared circle as Madison used an assortment of strangle-holds on the former Hollywood film star.
The son of the late Ralph Madison, who was well known as “The Singing Miner”, Harry currently makes his home in Verdun, Quebec.
Sept. 18, 1947 – Fire Destroys House and Store
Fire broke out on Friday afternoon at the premises of Joseph Pettigrew when the interior of his home and store were completely ruined.
The family, out of the house at the time of the fire lost all their belongings in the house and store. The house was partly covered by insurance.
Mr. and Mrs. Pettigrew are for the present living with Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Porter.

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