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Lions Loop walking trail a hit with walkers

I missed last week, my apologies. Apparently people actually went out and bought the paper to read my column and it wasn’t there and I heard about it. So I will try to not repeat that too often.  

The problem now becomes...what went on? Aside for running back and forth to New Glasgow I have almost no idea.
The vegetable sand is still doing a booming business. Parkview always seems to have lots of patrons in both the motel and the dining room.
One of the busiest spots in Oxford is the Lions Park. There are cars there all the time and always lots of people. There is a nice little walking trail there as well, the Lions Loop.
Take a look at all the walkers around town next time you are out.
I think walking is finally catching on. There are a lot of us out there. Use the benches, that is what they are for.
The walking club has more on order over the winter and they will be put in place in the spring.
It’ll soon be time to put the piano away. I am so impressed it has lasted. You never know what will happen with a idea unless you try.
The old Journal building is still in preparation mode but looks like the gym will be ready soon. I am hearing whispers about a tea room somewhere in town for the spring. I can hardly wait. I had that conversation with someone 20 years ago. Finally maybe it is going to happen.
Eric’s Barn is all straightened and ready to set on its new foundation. Awesome job, Mervil.
The Habitat Home should soon be ready to pick an owner. If I hear I will share. It is looking good. These are nice homes and they are well constructed. I remember a time when we were much younger our names would be on the list.
Life is tough sometimes and working your way up into a nice home takes a lot of care, perseverance and effort and these homes shorten the journey.
Good luck all those who apply. I see some excavation happening at Chris Leadbetter’s. Is there a home coming? Let’s hope.
Scott’s Independent is still sporting two sheets of plywood and I can’t get a date for when that will be different. But I will keep you posted.
Music last night was good; attendance was down a bit but there were a lot of things going on this weekend in Springhill, Amherst and Pugwash. Even here we have the play With Glowing Hearts and the hunting and fishing event at the arena. I know this has been a lot of words with not much content but maybe next time I will be loaded with news.
To answer the Excelsior Plant location it was up Station Street area In the neighbourhood of where the grist mill was (or so I am told). This week’s question “Where was the original Ripley home in Oxford?”
And to address an event that occurred recently – talk to your friends and family about how everyone feels, please.

Eleanor Crowley is the Oxford area correspondent for the Citizen-Record.

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