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Everyone has a part to play in improving our world

It is Labour Day weekend, my favourite long weekend on a yearly basis.  

I have been trying to avoid the cultural issues occurring not only in the U.S.A., but also worldwide and in our very own backyard. Most of the issues are ongoing, reoccurring and really as complicated as they have become pretty basic at the origin of the problem.
The fact is that most of us believe we are better than others and therefore more deserving of resources included food, money, leisure, working conditions and basically everything.
That means our feelings, jobs, children, health are more important than others because we are different, more deserving and better than those who have less because we have more.
This I believe is the core of the problem on all levels right up from local to global. On a core level people throwing fast food containers into a yard as they drive by is the same thing as dropping cluster bombs from a drone.
The core problem is that one being thinks it is better than the other being and therefore mistreatment, violence and disrespect are not only acceptable but naturally occurring. If we can achieve a higher level of emotional and mental being we might be able to accept we are all the same no matter what race, religion, financial background, upbringing, education, etc.
Without that the bombs with continue to fall, litter continue to be thrown, cars continue to be driven in to crowds, hate rallies held, pollution offshored, resources stolen, children enslaved, and on and on and on. It is dire, a breaking point will be reached at some point, maybe soon maybe in the far away future, but we need to learn how to appreciate the gift of life on a core level, without it injustices will continue and expand on both the micro and macro levels.
As Cleveland Browns’ football player Seth said last week “It’s not a one-race issue. It’s a human issue. Everybody needs to be involved and everybody needs to listen to each other and everyone needs to have a part in improving the country. It’s not going to happen unless there’s input from everybody. That’s my personal belief.”
It is somewhat funny that a sport based on violence and strategically replicating war has players who are leading the way on many levels in their understanding of an extremely important problem.
On Tuesday the fifth Bobby, Karen and Karen will be at Duncan's for 6 until 8 p.m.
Bella's will be closed for a special event this evening and therefore won't have any live music.
On Monday all are invited to Labour Day in the Park from noon until 4 p.m. at Dickey Park. There will face painting, washer toss and a charity BBQ, and your kids can play in the splash part and on the playground equipment.
There will also be music from Kent Beattie, Hannah Melanson, Travis Hatcher and Alicia Clark and Janice Thompson.
Currently the Tidnish Bridge Art Gallery is featuring the Small Wonders 6x6 Exhibition featuring 10 artists in various media; also exhibiting Diana McIsaac, Laurell Hamilton, Margaret Wiles, Melanie Landau, Charlie Atherton, Cathy Thurston, Harry Thurston.

Andrew MacGregor’s column appears weekly in the Amherst News

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