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Climate change retreat coming to Pugwash

We began council on Sept. 20 at 5 p.m. in camera with four items covered. At 6 p.m. we began public council with a presentation from the Cumberland Energy Authority on the upcoming climate change retreat in Pugwash at Thinkers Lodge, 60 years after the initial thinkers’ get-together.  

We next approved a debenture for Sunset Lodge, subject to the interest rate.
The surge grit chamber award was next with approval to purchase equipment this year and the cement work next year.
The Athol Road water main extension design award was approved next.
A police service review was discussed next, with approval given for the CAO to begin discussion with justice on a review, in conjunction with the Town of Oxford.
The reimbursement policy for members of council was referred to the audit committee.
Approval was given next for staff to negotiate a contract with the Junior C Colts.
A grant request for a Halloween dance was approved next.
A short discussion followed on the recent joint council meeting.
The tender for the cargo van was approved next.
Off-site council meetings were discussed, with the decision to hold them in council chambers.
The McCarron Park land decision on what to do was deferred until the next council session.
A motion to send a letter to the Department of Natural Resources, asking for a spring bear hunt, was approved next. Compost appears to be one of the attractions.
A motion to engage discussion with Raven Sky regarding our capped methane at the landfill was approved.
Funding for HST for the Port Greville internet project was approved next.
Information items included the RFP for the outdoor recreation and multi-sports complex already awarded, the Cumberland Public Libraries report, a tax collection update, wellness program update and a letter of appreciation.
Question: are you interested in the fall sitting of our legislature? Call your councillor.

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