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Amherst Rotarians on the way to Camp Tidnish

A group of Amherst Rotarians gather before heading out on a walk to Camp Tidnish early Saturday.
A group of Amherst Rotarians gather before heading out on a walk to Camp Tidnish early Saturday.

AMHERST – Amherst Rotarians are on the way to Camp Tidnish.

A group of Rotarians set out from the Amherst town boundary early Saturday to make the 25-kilometre walk to Camp Tidnish.
It has been several years since Rotarians have walked to the accessible camp that it owns and is operated by Easter Seals Nova Scotia. The camp provides a summer camping experience to children and adults with physical and intellectual challenges.
Rotarians are hoping to raise approximately $30,000 to build a new building to house the camp’s archives as well as additional space for camp staff.
Morris Haugg said the group hoped to raise at least $10,000 toward the project by donning their sneakers and walking. On Saturday he said he expects the club has reached its goal.
Donations can still be made to the project by contacting Haugg or any member of the Amherst Rotary Club.
The walk also coincides with the 80th anniversary of the opening of Camp Tidnish in a former fishing shed on the Tidnish River. Originally a camp for underprivileged boys, Rotary entered into a partnership with the then Abilities Foundation and now Easter Seals to operate the camp in its present format.
The walk used to be a regular event on the Rotary calendar with the money being used to support the Amherst Preschool Association. The club used to supply the association with a van and looked after its maintenance, insurance and other costs.
Haugg believes the first walk was in the late 1970s.
"It was a big event," Haugg said. "I believe the theme was Walk So They May Ride and the club, consisting of about 70 people, divided into teams with each team having its own colour."
Back then, he said, everyone in the club participated and enough money was raised to purchase the van and each time the van needed to be replaced, Rotarians would put on their sneakers and again make the walk to the camp.
Haugg believes it has been at least 15 years since the last walk took place.
The walk will begin at the Amherst town boundary and proceed to the camp. Some participants will walk the entire distance while others will walk shorter distances.
The Dr. H.B. Christie Foundation has provided a significant donation in support.

Rotarian Gwen Kerr, incoming president David McNairn and past-president Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin were among those taking part in the walk.
Kathy Wells and Rotary president Ron Wilson lead the way as the Walk to Camp Tidnish walks along Highway 6 early Saturday.

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