Inaugural Dwight Jones Day delights

Published on August 10, 2017

Amherst Mayor David Kogon and Kelsey Jones, daughter of the Dwight Jones, heralded in Dwight Jones Day with a proclamation at the Amherst Golf Club on Aug. 9th.

© Christopher Gooding – Amherst News

The late Dwight Jones dedication to his community and family will not be lost to future generations as they enjoy active lifestyles in the border community.


The inaugural Dwight Jones Day, Aug. 9, heralded in an appreciation and deep respect for the Amherst employee of 38 years by encouraging sport and recreation, music and entertainment. The day kicked-off with a proclamation at the Amherst Golf Club before the start of the second annual Dwight Jones Junior Golf Invitational. With more events planned as the day progressed, one of Jones daughters, Kelsey, noted it was an emotional day for her family. It has been only a little more than a year since Jones passed away on May 27, 2016, and with so much to do in memory of her father, the sense of loss was never too far away.

“I started in reflection,” Kelsey said. “I thought about the lessons my father instilled in me and, looking on Facebook and social media with people reaching out to me, I realized his dedication and commitment and values weren’t just instilled in me. He worked very hard to get different activities in place and different ways to participate and become better people.”

Jones commitment, Mayor Kogan said in proclaiming Aug. 9th Dwight Jones Day, went beyond his role with the town and included many volunteer hours with service groups and on his own time to enhance the experience of living in the community. Kelsey noted her father worked hard to establish his reputation in ways all can appreciate and adopt.

 “He built his reputation by standing by commitments and being a contributing member of this community, so coming back and seeing what holding to your word and wanting to see other people succeeds [means], you realize, he had a lot to teach and… when I was younger I should have listened a little more, but now I see how important those lessons were.”

Now a lawyer starting her career, Kelsey, said her father’s words will continue to inspire her and was grateful to her hometown community.

“The whole family is excited to know that the community saw what he had done and recognize what he had done… it’s a great honour.”