Wentworth, Westchester volunteers honoured

Wentworth News with Hope Bridgewater

Published on May 17, 2017

Volunteers from the Wentworth and Westchester area recently honoured were (top, from left) Hope Bridgewater, Marie Duranceau, Jessica Palmer, Darlene Montrose, (bottom) Kevin Sprague, Christine Henderson, Sonya Seymour and Todd Seymour.

The Municipality of Cumberland County celebrated National Volunteer and Provincial Volunteer Week in April. Volunteers were nominated by their Cumberland volunteer organizations in order to show appreciation for contributions to their communities.  

The Cumberland Recognition Evening, on Wednesday, April 26, began at 6 p.m. at the Dr. Carson and Marion Murray Community Centre in Springhill. We were welcomed by Mike Johnson, and received opening remarks by Warden Al Gillis and by Hon. James Baillie, MLA for Cumberland South.
When entering the CIBC Common Room, we were given a remarkable pamphlet of the program, including listing all the volunteers, stating their individual contributions and the organizations, which they represented. Drew Moore playing music gave a pleasant background.
After the dinner was completed, 51 volunteers were given certificates of thanks from National Volunteer Week 2017, from the Province of Nova Scotia, and from the organization which each volunteer represented. From the front stage, each volunteer had their name read, were asked to stand where each one was seated, had their specific contributions read to everyone in the room, and were given the three certificates. It was an emotional and splendid emotion for each individual (I think that is safe to say for all volunteers.)
Barbara Palmer, councillor for District 6, received at her Wentworth office eight photos of the eight volunteers representing the Wentworth/Westchester area: Darlene Montrose, Kevin Sprague, Marie Duranceau, Sonya Seymour, Hope Bridgewater, Todd Seymour, Jessica Palmer, and Christine Henderson.
Barbara Palmer sent the eight photos to me, and it was decided to send them to three local newspapers in order to give more thanks to volunteers and also to thank all the volunteers not mentioned here.
We all appreciated being representatives of the Wentworth Historical Society, Wentworth Learning Centre Cooperative, Wentworth Pioneers, Wentworth Recreation Association, Wentworth United Church, and the Westchester Volunteer Fire Department, Ladies Aid Auxiliary, Eagles Hill Cemetery and Wesleyan Church Group.
This Volunteer Recognition Evening was a wonderful ceremony and event.