Some family history at Fort Gaspereau

Walt's World with Walter Jones

Published on December 3, 2016

Walt's World with Walter Jones

I am going to tell you a story that might or might not be true.

I prefer to think that it is true since it fits what I know of my family tree. After all my grandfather, who was born in the mid 1800s, has a name on his birth certificate that you all will recognize, Charles Tupper MD.

The person who was researching this for me tells me this is very unusual. Any way, on with my story, in the year 1755 the English attacked and captured Fort Beausejour. There was also another fort, Fort Gaspereau. The story goes like this my great great grandfather was a Welsh soldier of fortune, fighting with the French.

In case you are wondering why he was with the French, the English were not looked upon kindly by the Celts, who were being harassed by them on a regular basis.

The story goes that he was outside the fort and noticed the British coming. He ran and carried the news to the fort so that they could prepare to defend themselves.

M de Villeray, the commander of the fort, surrendered to Col. John Winslow without firing a shot. My great great grandfather, it was said was so incensed, that he washed his hands of the French and applied for a land grant from the English.

This would have made him a wealthy land owner in this area, which is now know as Baie Verte. My grandfather with Charles Tupper's name on his certificate came from there.

Since his father would have been wealthy as well, it makes more sense that he had the means to have Charles Tupper deliver his children.  

In 1755 this area was all Nova Scotia and in fact Nova Scotia took up all the land right to the United States border, which in those days was a New England colony of Massachusetts.

It was only later that Maine was broken of from Massachusetts and New Brunswick formed from Nova Scotia. I tell this story to let you know how deeply involved my family is in the history of this area and why my interest is here as well.  


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