Countdown to Christmas is on

Malagash and Area News with Marian Durling

Published on December 21, 2016

Malagash and Area News with Marian Durling

The Countdown to Christmas has begun! The Christmas movies, including the all time favourite The Sound of Music, are playing on practically all the TV channels. Some of them are sappy and of course, there is no surprise at the ending – ¬¬¬we all know what is going to happen and who is going to end up together but it's that time of the year.

The children are getting excited and unfortunately due to the Work to Rule going on, a lot of the special events have had to be cancelled, much to the dismay of parents, students and also the teachers. Some of them have been moved to the local Legions, fire halls, etc and are being run by willing parents and grandparents. 

The Malagash Choir is busy practicing for the Christmas Eve Service to be held in the church at 7 p.m.

Stuart Semple and the mixed choir is busy with their practices for the service of Lessons and Carols which will be held at St. Matthew's Presbyterian Church in Wallace at the same time as Malagash.

St. Andrew's Anglican Church will be holding a brief Christmas day service at 10:00 am Christmas morning. Three Harbours Pastoral Charge will be holding a new event later on Christmas Eve when we are all invited to St. John's Church at 11:30 p.m. for Carols with guitars, Holy Communion and ringing of the Church bells at Midnight to usher in Christmas Day.  

They did this on New Year's last year and are trying it on Christmas Eve.  

Weather permitting we will be there. Speaking of weather, it has sure been cold this past week and now after the rain on Sunday, most of our snow is gone---lots of green grass showing in our yard.  It looks like the deer are starting to herd up as four large does ran across the North Shore Road just ahead of us. Usually we only see one or two at a time--not four.

Jost Winery will be closing their Wine Store on Dec. 23 until around the end of March.  They did this last year and it must have worked out well.  

Special Orders can still be purchased by calling the Winery and arrangements can be made to have your order picked up. Must pop in to wish the wonderful staff a Merry Christmas. Will miss seeing some of them over the next couple of months.

Every year the students of the Wallace Elementary School participate in the Royal Canadian Legion Poster contest and this year was no exception.  The posters, both black and white and colored, have been picked up by a Legion member and the judging has taken place. The winners will all receive a framed certificate from the Legion and the top winners will be submitted to Maritime Command for judging with all the entries from around the Province. 

The school has had Maritime winners over the past number of years and one of our local high school students won the national contest and represented the Youth of Canada at the Remembrance Day Celebrations in Ottawa.

 In January the Members of Branch # 97, Malagash, will be going to a school assembly to present the students with their certificates and this is always an exciting day.

I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Be safe and enjoy your time with family and friends.  Remember, the Reason for the Season!


Marian Durling is the Malagash and area columnist for the Citizen-Record.