Council takes in rural Internet presentation

Councillor's Corner with Don Fletcher

Published on December 21, 2016

Councillor's Corner with Don Fletcher

We began council Dec. 14 at 1 p.m. with a nomination committee meeting. Each councillor selected the committees they wished to be on and the final total averages seven committees per councillor. This was put forward for public council and the motion was approved.

We began public council at 2 p.m. with three presentations. First was a very good report from Lida Currie representing an Internet group trying to get improved service in rural Cumberland County.

She stated all levels of government must work together to improve service. This was followed by a short talk from MLA Terry Farrell also on working together. I asked him to consider the first presentation going forward.

The third presentation was on the Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE). This was an update, which considered potential benefits, predictability and the environment.

We next held a public hearing and with no objections we passed a motion to adopt the building bylaw.

The Parrsboro dangerous and unsightly premises policy was discussed for repeal. The motion passed. We now have one policy countywide.

A grant request was approved, followed by a discussion on tax collection. Tax collection is very important and an ongoing issue.

We will meet Wednesday, Dec. 21 to discuss the audit report on finances.

Information items in our package were provincial volunteer award nominations, due February 2017, Cumberland business connector update, community economic development update, Springhill community centre and park update, community development department report, UNSM signs historic agreement with province report, and thank you letters from two grant recipients.

Merry Christmas to all. Question: have you considered volunteering for a citizen committee? Call your councillor.