ARHS students sharing the ‘Viking Vibe’

Published on May 9, 2014

Students at Amherst Regional High School are sharing the “Viking Vibe” with the rest of the greater Amherst community. 

Over the past several years several things have happened in the world of teaching English:  (1) students want their writing to matter and (2) students think no one wants to hear what they have to say. 

This project is going to provide an opportunity for students to write about what is important in their lives, current events, opinions and events. 


HL: Fourth place at Wild Cheer Athletics International Open

By Kayla Surrette

My team, Wild Cheer Athletics International Open Coed 4.2 Ferocious, just recently went to Niagara Falls, Ont. for “cheer evolution nationals.”

The competition was from April 11 to 13.

This was the biggest competition of the year for us knowing that we would go in doing extremely well. We had been working very hard all season leading up to nationals.

When we arrived in Niagara, all my team was feeling a bit nervous to compete.

Nationals is the biggest competition in Canada with over 400 teams competing.

In our division (International Open Coed 4.2), we were against 10 different teams.

On the Saturday, we competed very late at night making us very tired and nervous to perform. We went out there and rocked the floor.

The second day, we got out on the mat and hit everything in our routine because we wanted first.

Finally it was time for the award ceremonies, they announced our division and called out 11th, 10th and so on. We were not being called yet getting us all very excited. Next they got to the top five teams. They called the fifth, and then it was us, fourth place.

My coaches were ecstatic to hear we came 4th out of 11 teams in the biggest national event in Canada. My team had a long journey in this season, but all the hard work paid off.  


HL: Atlantic gymnastics championship lead to many great memories

By Felicia Landry

On April 24 to 26 the Atlantic Championships for gymnastics took place in Charlottetown, P.E.I.

Boys and girls travelled a crossed the Maritimes to attend this competition. This being my last competition as a gymnast, it was very emotional.

Ninety-seven people travelled from Nova Scotia to represent the province. In the end we came home with five team gold medals. This means Nova Scotia’s scores for those levels were the highest.

To choose people to attend we have girls and boys from all over each province to compete at provincials where the top six people from each level will travel and represent in that level.

After a year of competing against each other, you form a team and work together. Many great memories are formed as well as friendships. This being my last competition, it was very important to me and having my final competition at the Atlantic Championships is the best way to end my career.


HL: Cheer Expo is a huge hit for ARHS team

By Jordyn Colbourne

On March 28, the ARHS Vikings headed to Halifax to compete at Cheer Expo.

It was a two-day competition held at the Halifax Forum in which each group of cheerleaders or dancers competed against people in their division.

Amherst Regional High School was a co-ed level 4.2 cheer team so they had competed against eight other teams.

Cheer Expo wasn’t only a place to compete, but offered the ARHS team to join free classes to help improve the team’s overall flexibility, stunting and tumbling.

This competition gave the team a chance to experience a competition outside of their own community and to watch other amazing team’s performances.

In the end, even though ARHS did not place first the second day at Expo was an amazing run through as every stunt had hit.

Coach Marcie Leblanc said, “Our scores improved since the first competition and we should be proud of that. And the judges finally commented that we had nice height in our jumps!”

The Amherst Vikings proudly took back an awesome energy award that is now in the gymnasium at the school.

Coach Megan Everill said, “We were going against some pretty intense teams who last year were already a level higher than us! Regardless of our placing you guys had fun today. I didn't need to cheer clap or yell with you. You delivered the energy for everyone I could only sit there and smile seeing that you guys were confident. With that attitude, we've won in my books!”