Parrsboro fire training benefits Five Islands

Five Islands News with Doug McCarthy

Published on April 9, 2014

Hello once again from Five Rock.

This was certainly a busy weekend. On Saturday, the community said goodbye to one of its oldest members.  Russel Greenough was 99 years old, a feat most of us will not accomplish. I never had the honour of meeting the man, but from the stories that have been passed along, he was a hard-working man who gave selflessly of his time for the benefit of the community. Rest in peace, Russel.

On Sunday, I had the opportunity to take part in the countywide Live Fire Training session held in Parrsboro. For most who were there, it was a mandatory session to complete Level 1 Firefighting training, but myself and 3 others from Five Islands were invited to take part in various roles.

Darrel Spence and Maurice Thompson were there to help out with water supply, and Brent McCarthy and I were invited to play with fire. We practiced putting out dumpster fires, and car fires before we escalated to interior firefighting. Inside a house on Farrell Road, we practiced putting out spot fires, and observed how a fire can progress throughout a house if left alone. Eventually, we witnessed a full-blown structure fire, as the house was engulfed. While it is a shame to see an old building destroyed, this type of hands-on training is priceless to fire brigades, as they represent real conditions that cannot be duplicated in a classroom. It also allows members from various brigades to learn how to co-ordinate and work together on the fire scene, not only with regards to fire fighting, but also water supply, personnel safety and accountability, traffic control, and liaising with local EHS. It was nice to see such a turnout of various brigades all working together, that is, until Parrsboro Fire Department got dispatched to a chimney fire, and didn't invite anyone to tag along. Maybe next time Chief Mosher will share.

One thing's for sure though: I'm not as young as I used to be. I think I'll sign off for now and go ice my knees. 

Thanks for reading.