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25 and 50 Years Ago in the Amherst Daily News

Published on March 7, 2014
A look back at March 1964 and March 1989

A look back at March 1964 and March 1989

25 Years Ago


March 1, 1989

More input urged from handicapped

AMHERST – The Atlantic provinces education ministers want more input from hearing and visually impaired people. Hard on the heels of a protest at the Atlantic Provinces Resource Centre for the Hearing Impaired here, the ministers met recently with the board executive of the Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority and directed there be “adequate” representation of such people on the authority.


March 2, 1989

Steps taken to allow convenience store

AMHERST – A new zone may be created here to allow retail stores to develop in residential areas. A draft of the proposed C-5 zone regulations was drawn up at a special meeting of the planning advisory committee last night in hopes of finding a loophole for Roddy Wood to operate a convenience store at the former Coates Dairy Bar on Willow Street.


March 3, 1989

Keddy’s developing plan for Pugwash resort

PUGWASH – Keddy’s Motor Inns of Halifax has been awarded $63,750 to develop a business plan for establishing a 100-unit destination resort facility on the site of the Northumberland Golf and Country Club near Pugwash. The existing nine-hole golf course at Gulf Shores is currently being expanded to 18 holes and a significant portion of the site has been set aside for a potential resort development.


March 6, 1989

Springhill transformation seen in hand-sewn quilt

SPRINGHILL – Grace Lees has grown up with Springhill, and over the years the 73-year-old Springhill native has witnessed a lot of changes to the town. Now, through patience, hard work, and a bit of fun, she has hand-sewn a quilt commemorating the town’s 100th birthday. Outlined in burgundy, with a gold interior, the town’s colours, Mrs. Lees chose the figure on the miner’s monument as her central theme.


March 7, 1989

Theatre group entertains Rotarians

AMHERST – The Amherst Drama Group entertained Rotarians yesterday at their weekly meeting. The group performed several excerpts from their centennial play Cobbler Stick to Thy Last. The play depicts the story of a cobbler in the Fort Lawrence area who sends for a new wife from Halifax after he believes his wife to be dying, but much to his surprise, the wife gets better. Performing in the play were Elaine Casey, John Read, Shirley Barnes and Beth Thompson.


50 Years Ago


March 3, 1964

Fifty-five boys attend model parliament

AMHERST – The Eighth Boys’ Model Parliament for boys from United Church of Canada and Baptist churches of Cumberland and Westmorland counties prorogued Sunday afternoon with 55 boys attending the sessions at Trinity-St. Stephen’s United Church Amherst, from Friday evening until prorogation. Director of the parliament was Robert Yorston of Amherst, with Peter Day of Moncton, N.B. as premier, Bill Leslie of Amherst as deputy premier and Fred Jesty of Amherst as speaker of the house.


March 4, 1964

Service clubs open bonspiel

AMHERST – The Amherst Curling Club played host to the first round of the Inter-Service Clubs Bonspiel on Tuesday evening. The four clubs represented were the Rotarians, the Kinsmen, Lions and Y’s Men. Play is divided into two sections, with each club entering two rinks in each section. The bonspiel will play itself out to a single team winner, as in any ordinary all-day bonspiel, the winning rink to be given custody of a huge trophy.


March 5, 1964

Roof fire is quelled

AMHERST – A roof fire at the home of James Dorrington, 23 Poplar Street, was quickly squelched by the Amherst Volunteer Fire Department Wednesday afternoon. It was the first general alarm of the month. The fire, believed caused by a spark from the flue, was confined to the roof of the two-storey frame dwelling and caused only minor damage. Norman Lee, first to notice the blaze, rung in the alarm at 3:45 p.m. It blew out 30 minutes later.


March 6, 1964

Amherst cadets awarded bronze pins

AMHERST – Five members of No. 154 (Amherst) Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Cadets, have been awarded bronze marksmanship pins by the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association. The five – WO2 Sherman Waddell, Terry Bowser, William Terry, David Harrison and David Stiles – were presented with their awards Wednesday night by the commanding officer of the unit, squadron leader R.W. Andres, CD. The squadron’s rifle instructor, E.J. Boruque, was awarded his third gold pin for shooting a possible in the recent competition.


March 7, 1964

Prison staff donates to hospital

SPRINGHILL – The staff of the minimum security institution at Springhill recently donated the sum of $1,100 to Springhill’s new hospital fund. About one year ago the committee for raising funds for Springhill’s new hospital asked for assistance from the members of the staff of the institution. Members of the staff each payday made their donations to the committee, resulting in the amount being realized.