Church’s historical committee dedicates book.

Jamie Heap
Published on February 6, 2014
(From left) Members of the Little River Baptist Church Historical Committee Marney Gilroy, church clerk Ron Webb, his wife Dorothy Webb and Reverend Chris Greer gathered around the Webb’s kitchen table in January. Copies of Where the Spirit Dwells can be purchased by contacting Dorothy Webb at (902) 447-2794.

The Book Review: Where the Spirit Dwells: The History of the Little River Baptist Church, 1847-2013. (Amherst: Acadian Printing), $18.00, 200 pages.

Nearly seventeen years ago, Marion Thompson first suggested that a book on the history of the Little River Baptist church be written on the occasion of its 150th anniversary. Four years ago, members of the church’s historical committee continued her initial research, culminating in the dedication of Where the Sprit Dwells on Sunday, Oct. 27, 2013.

“This is a very interesting, mission-minded church,” said Reverend Chris Greer. “While the book is more about the Little River Baptist Church and the Pioneer Cemetery than about the community of Little River itself, we thought it best, for expediency sake, to publish the book while she (Marion Thompson) was still alive,” said Reverend Greer.

Where the Spirit Dwells consists of 21 chapters. The first eight chapters chronologically examine the church’s colourful history while the remaining 14 are more thematic in nature, exploring such topics as the church’s ministers, deacons, clerks, missionaries, Sunday School, praise in music, church organizations, baptisms, the meeting place, memorials, special events, the old Baptist (Pioneer) Cemetery and recollections.

In 1875, a number of the Little River Baptist Church’s congregation asked to be released from it in favour of a new church being constructed in Oxford circa 1876. Nonetheless, by 1887, some 109 people were members of the former Baptist church. While the church’s congregation has dwindled to between 25 and 30, people from all denominations are welcome to attend its Sunday morning services that start at 9:30 am.

“Little River Baptist Church is the Mother Church of the Oxford Baptist Church,” said Gilroy. “There is still a very close relationship between the two churches.”

If you are interesting in purchasing a copy of Where the Spirit Dwells, contact Dorothy Webb at (902) 447-2794.