<strong>Prolific author Bruce Graham never runs out of ideas</strong>

Jamie Heap jmheap@mta.ca
Published on December 28, 2013
Prolific Parrsboro author Bruce Graham's Duddy Doesn't Live Here Any More made a stop in October at the Four Fathers Memorial Library in Amherst. Graham's book tour also made stops in Bedford and Truro during the fall. His book launch held this past September in Parrsboro at Sweet Brier Boutique sold out in under two hours. As of press time, copies of Duddy Doesn't Live Here Anymore and Diligent River Daughter were still available for purchase at Coles Bookstore located in Amherst Centre Mall.
Jamie Heap-Cumberlandnewsnow.com

The Book Review: Duddy Doesn`t Live Here Anymore. By Bruce Graham (Lawrencetown Beach: Pottersfield Press) $19.95, 190 pages.

Parrsboro native Bruce Graham, a retired television news anchorman, is never at a loss for words when it comes to finding a topic to write about.

“I never seem to run out of ideas for books,” said Graham, who drew on his experiences growing up in his hometown of Parrsboro to pen both Duddy Doesn`t Live Here Anymore and its prequel, Ivor Johnson’s Neighbours; it is currently in production for a potential television series.

As for Duddy Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, a novel about a dreamer who turns his back on reality so often that he falls from one disaster to the next; it is really a combination of people that Graham grew up with.

“The book stems from all the characters I grew up with in Parrsboro during the 1950s,” said Graham who launched Duddy Doesn`t Live Here Anymore this past September in Parrsboro at the Sweet Brier Boutique.

Graham also did signings in Amherst, Springhill, Truro and Bedford.

Looking ahead to 2014 and beyond, Graham isn`t showing any signs of slowing down. “Next fall, my new novel Tapestry of Green about a young Englishman caught up in the first opium rebellion during the 1830s will be released,” stated Graham. “It is called Tapestry of Green because that is what the English countryside looks like from a hot air balloon,” he added. “The novel is set in (both) England and China.”

In 2015, the 100th anniversary of Sir Charles Tupper’s death, Graham, who is also the president of the Parrsboro Garden Club, plans on releasing a play in conjunction with the Parrsborough Shore Historical titled Our Feuding Fathers. Another project that he has in the works is the novel Black Sheep. Duddy Doesn`t Live Here Anymore and Diligent River Daughter are available for sale at Coles Bookstore in Amherst.