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Rec centre closes for winter months

Janet Varner smcneish@amherstdaily.com
Published on November 18, 2010

The Diligent River Rec Center has closed for the winter months. If all goes well, it will re-open in the spring with suppers, open mic and other activities.

We have new neighbours here in Diligent River. The century home that was formerly the Salter home now has new owners. We would like to welcome you toour community.

Dave and Elaine Baker left on Saturday to go to their winter home in Florida.

Andy Fullerton and Rhonda Varner were recent supper guests with Leoda and Aubrey Varner.

On Saturday, family members gathered at the Canning homestead to celebrate Eileen Allen’s 80th birthday. Those attending were Trish Boland from P.E.I., Gale Boland, Marjorie Gallant and Jack Hilchie, Amherst, Helen and Dodsworth, Dartmouth, and myself.

Wayne and Tammi Cormier spent the weekend in Liverpool and Windsor with the Oxford Colts hockey team.

Several people from here attended the Remembrance Day service in Port Greville. Following the service, folks were treated to a lovely meal.

Quilting has started in a couple of homes here and would welcome any to join in for the enjoyment of sharing the work.

The Varner family is mourning the loss of yet another son.

The third member left us on Nov. 11. Bub was in his 94th year and was part of a family of 14.

Here is a note of interest to many residents of the area. Gale Boland has completed a history of Diligent River and area, entitled Diligent River Roots. Ready for printing and available soon, it makes a great $20 Christmas gift. To reserve your copy, please contact Gale at 254-3283 or by e-mail at bolandpatricia@hotmail.com.

Folks who are leaving for warmer places escape the rush to clean up leaves, put wood undercover and winterize their shrubs, not only from the cold but from the deer.

The speedway through Diligent River continues to claim lives. Deer, cats and dogs have fallen pray to speeders. How long before it is a human?

Remember that the FPW Fire Hall will hold the Christmas tea and sale on Nov. 21. Baking, crafts and other goodies will be available.

This year there will be a baking contest. For questions, call Oralee at 254-2079.

Take care folks and prepare for Old Man Winter.