New pizza place opening up on famous Halifax intersection

Published on March 14, 2017

Pizza Girls will be opening in Halifax's "historic" pizza corner later this spring.

©Jeff Harper/Metro

A long-running pizzeria is bringing slice of life back into Pizza Corner.

Pizza Girls is taking their first venture into Halifax as they prepare to open their fourth pizzeria in the well-known corner of downtown.

Running since 1977 and going under Sackville Pizza in its early days, Pizza Girls currently has three locations in Dartmouth, Bedford and Sackville.

“We’ve never been in the city, and there is really no better location to be in the city than this location,” said Johnny Dib, operations manager for the new store.

“It took a few drives downtown to be honest, but the people are just always in this corner. Anytime you come here late at night for food or partying, this corner is always busy.”

For years, the corner of Blowers and Grafton streets was known for three pizza shops located at the intersection - King of Donair, Sicilian Pizza and the European Food Shop. It even attracted the attention of world leaders during the 1995 G7 summit. In 2012, KOD relocated and the European Food Shop closed down. Yeh! frozen yoghurt and Johnny K’s Donair moved in, leaving the corner with a lot less pizza.

Dib hopes the new shop will bring a modern touch to traditional pizzerias, and is excited to bring pizza back to the historic corner.

“It’s funny, you go to Google Maps and put in pizza, it’ll give you Pizza Corner,” said Dib.

“We’re bringing a new store concept, nothing that we’ve run in any of the other locations before. It’s going to be something special. I don’t want to give anything away, so I’ll leave the surprise until we open.”

They are planning to officially open on May 1, and hope they can bring something new to the famed corner.

“We haven’t been running since 1977 on a fluke. We are doing a few of things right, and we are hoping to do a lot right for this corner.”