Coach urging fans to be a little kinder

Darrell Cole
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AMHERST - Corey Crocker is steamed and it's got nothing to do with his team's on ice performance.

Coach urging fans to be a little kinder

AMHERST - Corey Crocker is steamed and it's got nothing to do with his team's on ice performance.

Crocker is growing frustrated with a number of fans that have become increasingly verbally abusive towards his players.

"I would expect that in someone else's rink, but not our own," Crocker said. "These are young men and they should not have to listen to this. The people making those comments should think about what they're saying to 16, 17 and 18-year-old boys. These are not professional players."

Over the years the Amherst Stadium has become known as the 'Jungle' because of its loud atmosphere and dedicated fans.

However, as tough as it is for opposition players to play in, Crocker said lately it's been difficult for home players because of abuse coming from some fans.

Crocker said he's attempting to build a program that young players want to take part in and a lot of players do like coming to Amherst because of the atmosphere. However, he said he's lost players in the past due to the abuse and he's not going to stand by while others leave.

"For some reason these people believe that since they have paid their money they can say what they want. Well, it's abuse towards the players and Hockey Canada does not allow it," Crocker said.

He said he will be asking the team's executive to have those fans removed from the stadium should their actions continue.

Community and Economic Development director Roger MacIsaac said this is the first he's heard of Crocker's concerns and said there is a process for dealing with complaints.

"If there's a concern he as coach can bring it to the attention of the on-ice official or stadium officials and they will be dealt with quickly,"?MacIsaac said. "We do have security there and they have already removed some people for their actions."

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Recent comments

  • David
    January 18, 2010 - 10:29

    I totally agree with Mr Crocker. I think there are some fans who don't realize that these players are young guys. The Ramblers are good for the community. They provide entertainment and volunteer work. The community should realize this and lay off on the players. After all, it is just a game. I can only wonder what these fans are like when attending their child(ren)'s minor hockey games? I think Corey Crocker is the best coach in a long time for Amherst. He is smart. He has a lot of class, a quality these young players will see.