Off and running

Dave Mathieson
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Inaugural Cross Border Challenge attracts 181 competitors

Off and running

AMHERST - Amherst residents fearing sweat-filled New Brunswickers were attacking them Saturday morning need not fear.
That large, heavy breathing contingent of people you saw charging across the border to Nova Scotia was a friendly group of runners participating in the Cross Border 10K Challenge, put on by the Cumberland YMCA.
The inaugural event, which attracted 181 runners from across Canada, kicked off at 8:30 a.m., and wrapped up after the awards ceremony at 11:30 a.m.
Charles Dixon of Sackville, N.B., who was the first to cross the finish line in 37:43, was impressed with the run.
"I found the course really interesting because the terrain changed about five different times," Dixon said.
"We started on pavement, then onto a dirt road and back to pavement, and then the real kicker was the two hills at the end, which don't look like much, but when you're tired and it's the end of the race they really do a number on your legs.
"The run was really well organized. I really enjoyed it."
Amherst's Tammy Megeney, who was the last to cross the finish line, agreed with Dixon.
"It was a great event and I had a lot of fun."
Megeney was presented with a well-deserved medal for her effort and, as a person who is new to running, said she will continue to train.
"This was the first time I ever did anything like this," said Megeney. "So just to finish the race was pretty emotional. That was the main thing, whether I walked or ran I just wanted to make sure I finished.
"I will definitely do it year after year, as well as getting other people to do it. It was really well organized and I had a great time. It was awesome."
Amherst's Krista Harrison, who resides in Toronto but will soon be moving to Halifax, finished 23rd overall and second among people from Amherst with a time of 44:38, just behind Amherst's Larry Pardy who finished with a time of 44:34.
"I've only done races in Ontario so my mom and family hasn't seen me cross a finish line until now, so that was great," said Harrison who played basketball at ARHS and Mount Allison University. "It was nice how the course was free of traffic, you don't always get that in Ontario."
Tami Deburger, who can usually be found running in the desert-like conditions of Kamloops, B.C., is presently visiting relatives in Springhill for 10 days.
"It was really well organized," Daburger said. "It's nice how they have everything blocked off and they have the police helping at the intersections. You don't always get that in Kamloops. And they feed you really well here. Much better than they do out there."
Amherst's Sarah Morrison usually runs half marathons but found the 10K to be a real challenge.
"Adelaide Street was a little steep, so it took a good effort to get up that," said Morrison. "But here were a lot of water stations and a lot of people out cheering us all on, so it was a lot of fun," she added.
And what else did she like about the Cross-Border 10K Challenge?
"I'm getting married in a week so it helps me stay fit for my dress."
Will the Cross-Border Challenge be back next year?
After all the awards were handed out race director Paul Giroux said that with all the positive feedback he's received they will definitely do it again next year.


1. Charles Dixon, Sackville, N.B. 37:43
2. Todd Power, Salisbury, N.B. 37:50
3. Philip Nickerson. Halifax 39:49
4. Terry Reynolds, Greenwood 39:56
5. Dale Letcher, Beechville 40:06
6. Paul Gallant, Bedford 40:15
7. Greg Trenholm, Sackville, N.B. 40:58
8. Eric Hopper, Fredericton 41:15
9. Robin Meister, New Ross 41:19
10. Jim Thain, Halifax 41:36
11. Emily Hamilton , Cole Harbour 42:23
12. Susan Carbyn, New Minas 42:46
13. Jason Murphy, Halifax 43:01
14. Ron MacDougall, Halifax 43:05
15. Robert Summerby, Westcock, N.B. 43:19
16. Tim Purdy, Oxford 43:36
17. Terry Morris, Hubbards 43:37
18. Sylvio Bourque, Grand-Digue, N.B. 44:10
19. Gavin Timberlake, Dartmouth 44:24
20. Mark Paris, Truro 44:26
21. John A. Anderson, Lunenburg 44:29
22. Larry Pardy, Amherst 44:34
23. Krista Harrison, Amherst 44:38
24. Mark Trueman, Halifax 44:42
25. Pat Kennedy, Shubenacadie 45:26
26. Terry Mosher, Dartmouth 45:54
27. Sarah Quinton. Amherst 45:56
28. Michael Ling, Quispamsis, N.B. 45:57
29. Tim Shreve, Oromocto, N.B. 45:59
30. Darlene Chapman, Amherst 46:18
31. Erin Beaudin, Coldbrook 46:20
32. Paul Heintzman, Wolfville 46:31
33. Rob Chambers, Halifax 46:37
34. Mike Stewart, Truro 46:37
35. Josh Turple, Truro 46:38
36. Doug Coulter, Lower Sackville 46:42
37. Sarah Morrison, Amherst 46:43
38. Chris Pitts, Dartmouth 46:52
39. David Fleming, Sackville, N.B. 47:00
40. Alexander Burrows, Green Oak 47:01
41. Scott McCready, Milton, Ont., 47:07
42. Dolores Berube, Dalhousie, N.B. 47:07
43. Hazel Sellars, Amherst 47:09
44. Greg Gaudet, Amherst 47:39
45. Adrien Pelletier, Dalhousie, N.B. 47:52
46. Sean Ward, Amherst 48:08
47. Jamie Naugler, Brookfield 48:11
48. Fred Bailey, Amherst 48:31
49. Steve Sanders, Blockhouse 48:35
50. Evan Steeves, Amherst 48:37
51. Dougal MacDonald, Springhill 48:38
52. Kevin MacKenzie, Amherst 48:43
53. Malcolm Pain, Bedford 49:00
54. Michael Hunter, Amherst 49:12
55. Souhail Jedidi , Oxford 49:19
56. Gary Estabrooks, Amherst 49:30
57. Iain Summerby-Murra, Westcock, N.B. 49:38
58. Brian Pettigrew, Amherst 49:41
59. Jason MacDonald, Amherst 49:44
60. Sharon Shew, Milton, Ont. 49:58
61. Kim Maddison, Amherst 50:15
62. Jeff Allen, Truro 50:18
63. Kevin Christie, Fredericton 50:40
64. Brian Skabar, Amherst 50:44
65. Tammy Pardy, Amherst 50:48
66. Ronald Warren, Manganese Mines 50:54
67. Dianne Powell, Amherst 51:05
68. David Hoffman, Oxford 51:08
69. Monique Hallee, Amherst 51:13
70. Bruce Fredericks, Coldbrook 51:13
71. Bill Morgan, Truro 51:15
72. Stephen Bedard, Halifax 51:28
73. Gerald Pugh, Fredericton 51:33
74. Jennifer Flynn, Amherst 51:49
75. Michelle Crane, Halifax 51:53
76. Tina White, Halifax 51:55
77. Alison Fredericks, Coldbrook 52:04
78. Theresa Martin, Springhill 52:06
79. Keith Meagher, Springhill 52:30
80. Lisa Peters, Sackville, N.B. 52:34
81. Carla Chambers, Halifax 52:45
82. Bill Roblee, Lunenburg 52:53
83. Gary Wilkie, Amherst 52:56
84. Gina Hyslop, Kingston, N.B. 52:56
85. Julie Sherriff, Dartmouth 53:01
86. Katherine Fawthrop, Red Lake, Ont., 53:10
87. Mike Jessome, Hammonds Plains 53:20
88. Sarah Tulk, Sackville, N.B. 53:23
89. Rosemary Makaran, Riverview, N.B. 53:45
90. Claudette Maltais, Charlo, N.B. 54:05
91. Roger Dorrington, River Hebert 54:18
92. Omer Bourgeois, River Philip 54:41
93. Mark Smith, Amherst 54:43
94. Connie Meister, New Ross 54:46
95. Colleen Dowe, Amherst 54:51
96. Kristina Brown, Wellington 54:59
97. Nelson Porteous, Bridgetown 55:09
98. David Cain, Riverview, N.B. 55:18
99. Keisha Goodwin, Amherst 55:33
100. Bill Murphy, Amherst 55:34
101. Ken MacKenzie, Amherst 55:36
102. Diane Tingley, Halifax 55:44
103. Sonya Fury, Aulac, N.B. 56:02
104. Anthony Fromm, Amherst 56:08
105. Tim Giddens, Amherst 56:10
106. Crystal Culp , Hamilton, Ont., 56:12
107. Marc Pelletier, Moncton 56:15
108. Jane Thain, Haifax 56:27
109. Steven Christie, Fredericton 56:29
110. Brad Works, Amherst 56:45
111. Wendy Graham, Sackville, N.B. 57:26
112. Sarah Letcher, Beechville 57:30
113. Ryan Collins, Barrie, Ont. 57:31
114. Linda Hall, Lower Sackville 57:32
115. Richard Chipman, Truro 57:33
116. Bonita Moore, Oxford 57:51
117. Bonnie Wilkie, Amherst 58:02
118. Bryan MacDonald, New Glasgow 58:05
119. Shelley Carroll Dob, Amherst 58:07
120. Annette Scott, Halifax 58:22
121. Jenny Keenan, Halifax 58:23
122. Darla MacPherson, Sackville, N.B. 58:25
123. Julie Briffa, Mississauga, Ont., 58:47
124. Jane Henderson, Toronto 58:50
125. Gerry Parker, Dartmouth 58:50
126. Kim Hicks, Amherst 59:03
127. Lisa Smith, Halifax 59:12
128. Ben Pitman, Amherst 59:20
129. June Burke-Macdonald, Amherst 59:24
130. Jim Boiduk, Amherst 59:40
131. Kathy Naugler, Brookfield 1:00:32
132. Rhiannon Morgan 1:00:39
133. Rebecca BÉrubÉ, Moncton 1:00:48
134. Joanne Ling, Quispamsis, N.B. 1:01:25
135. Laura Roblee, Lunenburg 1:01:29
136. Lucy Evans, Sackville, N.B. 1:02:06
137. Craig Evans, Sackville, N.B. 1:02:06
138. Patti Bennett, Amherst 1:02:15
139. Arlene Maddison, Amherst 1:02:38
140. Alex Legere, Amherst 1:02:44
141. Beverley Richardson, Blockhouse 1:02:59
142. Catherine Richard, Sackville, N.B. 1:03:09
143. Cheryl Reid, Sackville, N.B. 1:03:09
144. Hannah Wilson, Mississauga, Ont. 1:03:25
145. Cindy MacLean, Amherst 1:03:51
146. Nina Hoffman, Oxford 1:03:57
147. Vanessa Jones, Amherst 1:04:11
148. David Beaton, Amherst 1:04:19
149. Erin Beaton, Amherst 1:04:19
150. Heather Collicott, Moncton 1:04:23
151. Christiana Fleming, Sackville, N.B. 1:04:40
152. Katherine Hatheway, Amherst 1:04:55
153. Tami Daburger, Kamloops, B.C. 1:06:02
154. Melanie Lepper, Amherst 1:06:03
155. Joan Godfrey, Oxford 1:06:41
156. Margaret York, Amherst 1:07:00
157. Stephanie Morris, Amherst 1:07:29
158. Stacey Clayton, Amherst 1:07:58
159. Pam Chenhall, Amherst 1:08:02
160. Samantha McLellan, Amherst 1:08:32
161. Cynthia Babineau, Sackville, N.B. 1:08:57
162. Carol Collins, Barrie, Ont., 1:09:29
163. Theresa Babin, Riverview, N.B. 1:09:35
164. Mike White, Amherst 1:10:34
165. Tara White, Amherst 1:10:34
166. Mark Tector, Halifax 1:11:12
167. Robyn MacKinnon, Sackville, N.B. 1:11:22
168. Trish Atkinson, Amherst 1:11:46
169. Philip Stuart, Machias, Maine 1:12:05
170. Lori Campbell, Amherst 1:15:04
171. Kelli Cheverie, Amherst 1:18:50
172. Jennifer Hayden, Amherst 1:18:51
173. Andrea Morrison, Mississauga, Ont. 1:19:34
174. Linda Morrison, Mississauga, Ont. 1:20:07
175. Alexandra Theroux, Amherst 1:20:18
176. Brodie Callaghan, Amherst 1:21:28
177. Natasha Vandeweil, Amherst 1:22:30
178. Cathy Lucci Amhers 1:22:30
179. Sylvia Abbott, Moncton 1:23:42
180. Bill Trewin, Moncton 1:26:21
181. Tammy Megeney, Amherst 1:27:53

Organizations: Cross Border 10K Challenge, ARHS and Mount Allison University, Mike Stewart

Geographic location: Sackville, Oxford, New Brunswickers Nova Scotia Kamloops Dartmouth Canada Fredericton Toronto Ontario New Ross Moncton Adelaide Street Mississauga Paris Oromocto Green Oak Barrie Kingston Red Lake River Hebert New Glasgow York Machias, Maine

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Recent comments

  • amherstguy
    January 18, 2010 - 11:22

    Folks.....stop giving Justa Thought ammunition. He obviously loves this feed back. As you have probably concluded, his comments are never worth reading...... so why bother. I am assuming, however, that next year he will not complain because I am sure that he will step up to the plate and volunteer his time to bring this festival up to his standards. We will look forward to hearing about his ideas and seeing them in action.

  • mary
    January 18, 2010 - 11:18

    Everyone was a winner in this race. It was awesome, so well organized, people were friendly and encouraging. It is wonderful to hear that it will become an annual event. Hats off to Paul Giroux and his team!

  • Bill
    January 18, 2010 - 11:18

    Great event, I had a wonderful time. I especially want to thank all the volunteers for all the encouragement. I hope there will be other Nordic Walkers out next year.

    Bill Trewin, Moncton
    The race belongs not only to the swift and strong.........but to those who keep on running walking and Nordic Walking.

  • IP
    January 18, 2010 - 11:18

    To Just a though
    Glad to be of assistance.
    Perhaps you could explain this NB event nonsense - methinks perhaps you are misinformed

  • Just a girl
    January 18, 2010 - 11:17

    Better something going on ( be it low turnout or on NB coat tails) then nothing going on at all. Either way someones gonna complain. Cant please everyone but kudos to the comittees for at least attempting something. I'm sure all the people that have been heard complaining will be first in line next year to volunteer and organize events.

  • Justa Thought
    January 18, 2010 - 11:09

    Well I can only assume that the 8 ppl or so givin the positive comments on here must be either on the FF commitee or they were the 8 ppl that actually took in the festival.
    Its simple planning ppl...If you gonna make a 4 day festival why have 3 of them during the week when most ppl work and cant do the children activities or any activities.
    Does NOBODY else find it weird that on the Saturday(the final day) there was absolutely NOTHING planned for the local foks downtown yet the street was blocked off all day so they could give away some dogs and burgers at 8pm?? I was there during the day and A LOT of ppl were stunned to find NOTHING going on!!!
    I was at the nightly music event which took up a whole 2hrs a night and was very dissapointed when the headliner from Toronto who was obviously paid thousands to appear was scheduled to be on from 8-10...however when I got there at 9 I was shocked to see him stop playing at 9:20....Thats poor planning!!
    The idea of a festival may have been good...but the events and activities were not well thought out.....I read a lot of responses in the paper last week and MANY ppl were confused as to why the activities were during the days through the week...I know Im not alone on this...

  • Mom
    January 18, 2010 - 11:08

    Would you like a little cheese with your whine Justa Thought ? Sheesh.
    The participants are to be commended for the dedication and training that goes into an activity such as this.
    Running is not for everyone, ya know. Seems to me 59 local participants is a great turnout!

    And people need to quit snivelling over the lack of fireworks. It's a waste of money, IMO and probably bad for the environment to boot.

  • what a dolt
    January 18, 2010 - 11:08

    Just a thought is about as misinformed as you can get....almost everything he/she said is so far off base.

    Headliner from Toronto? If your referring to New Brunswick's Matt Andersen...your wrong there, or is it Bridgewater's Drumlin? Or Amherst's Mark Raddin?

    The fact that 122 racers were from out of town means it was a success...people came here for the race....and many did come here for it...changed plans to be in Amherst for the race...that is money spent in Amherst, that is more money to be spent next year in Amherst.

    The tent was full every night, the crowds enjoyed theirselves, with apparantly the exception of a few whiners.

    Congrats to everyone who organzied the race, and the festival...good job!

  • B
    January 18, 2010 - 11:06

    My friends from Dartmouth, who run 10k's throughout the summer, said it was one of the most well-organized races they'd ever participated in.

    Kudos, organizers!

  • Tonyfrom
    January 18, 2010 - 11:02

    Thank you for beating me to the punch IP... I imagine the town paid very little towards this FUNDRAISER for the Y. This event raised over $5000 for the Y through corporate sponsors and registration fees. I was amazed at the turnout for a first time event and how extremely well run it was. I've been to several of these runs and have not been to a better organized one. And think of all the people who came from outside or town and may be back again!!!! Thanks to all those who took time out to help out!!!

    My family enjoyed many of the events through the week and for a first time event it was a decent festival. There is lots of room for improvement but atleast people were trying to do something in a town that does not have much to do for families...

  • IP
    January 18, 2010 - 10:58

    One has to wonder what logic is used by someone questioning the success of an event because only 1/3 of the participants were local. If getting locals was the goal, the race, as they say, was won before it began - as those 59 people were already here.
    Those slightly more enlightened realize attracting locals wasn't the goal at all. The goal was to draw people and attention to Amherst in a positive light, something anyone on hand at the event already knows was a hugh success - especially based on the comments of those from away. And how much did 'justathoughts' town spend on the event? Based on the fact that there were 90 volunteers and dozens of corporate sponsors one would speculate not much. Sobeys probably spent more.

  • Another 2 cents
    January 18, 2010 - 10:57

    I am not from Amherst but I have lived here for the past 4 years now.

    Thank you to everyone who helped (tried) in some way to make the 10K race and the festival a success.

    I especially liked the people who cheered all of us on as we passed them on the streets and their homes, and the volunteers who handed us water on the course.

    I walked around town twice during the festival and thought it was a good starting point to build on in the future.

    I do not have a use of the YMCA but I know that other people do. I am happy that my tax dollars will keep it up and running.

    With more events like this I will probably get more use out of the YMCA as well others.

    I wish all those who complain could have been there on Saturday in the YMCA as a few hundred people celebrated the race. That's what community is, people getting together and doing something positive, at least their is people trying to do something positive.

    Thank you to all those who actually believe in community and try and make Amherst a better one.

  • Justa Thought
    January 18, 2010 - 10:55

    Well according to my quick count on all the participants there was a GRAND total of 59 Amherst folk who ran this that a good turnout?? Exactly how much trouble and money did my town spend on this event to get the attention or interest of 59 residents in a town of like 9000 ppl?? Is that a successfull event???
    Actually I believe this event was an NB organized event and our event organizers just jumped on the wagon and asked if we could host the finish line...but Im still guessing we dumped a lot of cash in this somewhere....
    And I have to say Im still confused as to why this festival had NOTHING going on on the final day of festival which was on Saturday?? Wouldnt that have been the logical day to plan family activities so ppl could attend...versus a Thursday or Friday afternoon???
    Oh and thanks again for robbing our July 1st fireworks to end the flop of a festival on July 4th.....Oh wait...we didnt get to have them at all did we!!! Maybe council can vote to keep the fireworks till the opening night of the Ramblers in the fall....

  • Marcie
    January 18, 2010 - 10:55

    Hey Chew on thought. I just want to let you know that I am on the organizing commitee and I too thought of having the fireworks during the race like you suggested however after consulting with the pyro guys and the rest of the planning commitee it was realized that where the run takes place in the morning nobody would be able to see the fireworks due to light. Thanks for your ideas though...

  • Mutter
    January 18, 2010 - 10:54

    Thirteenth-place finisher Jason *Murphoi* Murphy, listed as being from Halifax, is also originally from Amherst. He probably would have finished higher but likely was jammin out and riding the bobsled.

  • Justa Thought
    January 18, 2010 - 10:53

    Thank you Another 2 cents for agreeing with me and saying it could have been better planned....xoxo

  • Justa Thought
    January 18, 2010 - 10:48

    Its great they raised the $5000 through sponsors...the the greatl enlightened one IP my point was simply the town did not CREATE this event and we simply just tagged along from a New Brunswick even that was already created before the planning commitee jumped in. And I have to say no I really must not be enlightened because I had no idea the point of the festival was NOT to do things for the town folk and bring the community together. I thought it was supposed to be a 4 day event for the community....but I now know that it wasnt....and from the poor turnout at the daily events I now know that I shouldnt be dissapointed because community spirit or local interest or participation wasnt the goal of the festival....well in that case JOB WELL DONE ....great festival!!!
    It explains why NO activities were planned on the Saturday or Sunday...because it wasnt for the locals and their families to enjoy...thanks for enlightening me........

  • Chew on
    January 18, 2010 - 10:43

    Rumour has it Just a Thought advocates the lighting of the fireworks DURING the 10K race, which will next year be held only on July 1. In this way, the 59 actual Amherst people taking part sqeeze their taxpaying-dollars worth of hometown value out of the venture, making JAT the happiest negative commenter alive.

  • Another 2 cents
    January 18, 2010 - 10:41

    Justa Thought... WE GET YOUR POINT

    YES! Things could have been better planned out....we get that, stop bashing everything about the festival, go to the town and offer your 2 cents on how to make Amherst a better community, join these committees and make these events more successful.

    So much is done by so few... that is the problem here. Get involved in a positive way. And NO, i am not on any planning committee, but I sure well in the future because I see, as do some others, the potential in these events and festivals.

  • Out of Towner
    January 18, 2010 - 10:39

    I ran the 10 k (it was my first) and had a great time. I thought the event was very well planned and, like many others who've posted, want to thank the volunteers. I ran with two other people from out of province and they too felt that it was a great event. We will be back next year and will spread the word. I anticipate that there will be many more runners next year.

  • Justa Thought
    January 18, 2010 - 10:35

    To IP...
    If you think Amherst Four Fathers COmmitte had anything to do with the the 10k run in its planning it is you my friend who is misinformed. The run was already planned in NB and the FF planning commitee asked to have it end in Amherst. So METHINKS that YOU need to do some homework....

    The planning commitee did virtually nothing for this event other than block off the streets and hire a couple bands....and hand out some burgers and dogs on Saturday...The Lions were kind enought to do the Thursday kids stuff....

  • IP
    January 18, 2010 - 10:35

    Justa: Yer funny.

    Who are this mystery New Brunswickers and why weren't they at the organizational meetings?

  • Moriarty
    January 18, 2010 - 10:30

    I was happy to see Brian Skabar ran the race. Way to go Brian!

    For those of you who are STILL making comparisons to Ernie...he doesn't even hold a candle to this new guy.