Hachey wins handily in MMA main event

Dave Mathieson
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AMHERST - The roof at Amherst Stadium was put to the test Saturday night as more than 1,000 frenzied fans chanted and cheered in unison during the Brawl at the Border mixed martial arts event.

As the night grew longer, the fans grew louder, and by the time Amherst's John Hachey entered the cage for the final bout of the night, the crowd cheered his name into a crescendo that nearly blew the roof right off the building.
"It felt like a million dollars to hear the crowd cheering like that," said Hachey. "It was an awesome feeling."
Hachey wasted little time giving the crowd what they wanted by knocking Eli Rush out in the first round.
"I was very surprised I finished him quick. I always expect my fights to go three rounds," he said.
It might have been a quick fight but it was far from easy as Hachey got rocked early with a straight right.
"My head's still spinning," he said after the fight as blood trickled from his nose. "He's a tough guy and he definitely hits hard."
Despite the damage, Hachey kept moving forward.
"I kind of scrambled, regained my composure and tried my best to control him as best as I could on the ground."
The fight went around the cage on the ground as Rush tried to escape Hachey's mount, but to no avail.
"I have a strong mount," said Hachey. "I work on that a lot with my trainer."
Hachey has been training with Micky Marshall out of MarMac Athletics in Truro for more than a year.
"He has a strong mindset," said Marshall. "When he gets the mount, it's hard to get him off. He doesn't break."
The mount allowed Hachey to unleash a hail of punches and elbows that knocked Rush out cold, forcing the referee to jump in.
Marshall said he couldn't be more proud of Hachey, who now has a record of 4-0.
"I think some of his opponents think they can walk over him but they learn awful quick that that's not the case," Marshall said. "The thing about John is his heart's bigger than his body. He never, ever quits."

Geographic location: Amherst Stadium, Truro

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Recent comments

  • Fight Fan
    January 18, 2010 - 11:24

    Well on Saturday Night I took in my first ever local cage fight with a few friends and all I can say is WOW WOW WOW!! What a great event!!
    I will admit I went not know what quite what to expect...but 20 seconds in I was hooked!!
    The energy of the crowd was insane!! I have never seen so much excitement for ANYTHING ever at the stadium, starting with the first match right through to final match for Amherst's own local hero Hachey, who's chants were almost deafening!!!
    Good to see Amherst FINALLY having something this great going on!!

    I only have one question??
    When are we having another one???

  • Justa Thought
    January 18, 2010 - 11:22

    Well Bobby B you hit the nail right on the head. This was a great boost for out town for a couple days. And you right...it was so nice to have people actually planning to COME to Amherst for a weekend instead of townies leaving to find something to do. I was at a couple restaurants on Saturday and Sunday and the waitresses all said they were VERY busy since Friday with fighters and people from out of town comming to watch the fight. This little boost is what our town needs on a regular basis. Im glad the powers that be at town hall finally agreed to let this event happen. I know the councillors rejected the event in the fall and told the promoter they didnt want to be associated with such a sport here in town....and we lost it to Moncton which to me made no sense to me what so ever. But I guess thats what you get when you have a group of mostly older people in the positions to make the decisions on. Im not sure what changed their minds for this time around but THANKS for be open minded to change and something new.

    We have a beautiful brand new facility that should be used whenever possible to bring people to this town!! Amherst is in a perfect loaction to draw from a lot of ppl...There is life outside of hockey ppl and Im glad MY town stadium was finally used for something else!!!

    When is the last time we had an event at the stadium that that would draw in 1200 spectators on a Saturday night from all over??
    I too was at the stadium on Saturday night and have to agree on the entertainment and level of class and respect these guys have for each other. And for anyone else there who was there and having a good time watching had to feel the amazing rush with the final bout with Amherst's own Hachey. For anyone who knows John or his story Im sure they felt the same pride as I did for our own local athelete who has overcome so much in his personal life to get where he is with the MMA. The match began with the crowd cheering as Hachey entered the ring and ended with most of the place on their feet roaring and chanting his name as we celebrated for him..... It literally made the hair on my neck stand up!!

  • Fight Fan
    January 18, 2010 - 11:18

    Well to Non Fight Fan you really need to come out of you bubble. This isnt some underground no hold barred fight club. This is a sanctioned event from boxing NS with several referees and EHS as well as a doctor ringside.
    And 20 cars?? Common the streets and parking lot were packed and there was a lineup out to the road for almost an hour to get in.
    I have to totally agreee with M Stagger when they say this is no different than most other pro sports when it comes to fighting. Well maybe one difference.....the guys who train and sign on for the cage event KNOW they are there to fight......and the mutual respect that each fighter shows for his oponent afterwards is unlike any other sport i have seen.
    One more thing...despite what hearing from ppl not to go out after the fights because there would be guaranteed trouble we decided to try and go meet some of the fighters at the after party at a bar downtown. Again I wasnt sure what to think until I got there and seen the place PACKED with fans and a lot of the fighters. I made my way around to meet some of the guys and I have to tell you they were all OUTSTANDING humble guys. There was not one issue at the bar and we stayed till the end.
    Again I say GREAT EVENT !!!!

  • Fight Fan
    January 18, 2010 - 11:15

    Seriously NON fight Fan!! I read all the comments and NOBODY said the mayor got FREE tickets. He actually paid for his table....looks like you may need a reading lesson my friend. And as far as the bars ALWAYS being busy maybe once upon a time that was true...but things are tough right now for everyone and I am a somewhat regular customer of the bar that held the after party Saturday night and I have NEVER seen a crowd that big there in quite some time. So despite what you think you know this event helped a lot of business...BARS INCLUDED!!
    Maybe the paper should do a quick pole on some restaurants, hotels and bars to see the impact this had on their business.
    Anyway Non Fight Fan everyone has an opinion and your allowed yours...but by the looks of the other comments your in the minority on this one. Maybe you should run for council or to head up the stadium?? You would fit right in with their old school thinking.
    Hey I have an Idea...lets have another cage fight and maybe call it a VICTORIAN battle royal and everyone has to wear victorian era clothing during the cage fight!! Hmmm....that may keep all the councillors and decision makers interested and probably get them to attend front and cente. hehe

  • Bobby
    January 18, 2010 - 11:11

    People from all over the Maritimes, some as far as Ontario and Montreal traveled to Amherst Saturday night to build up a crowd of more than 1000. This provided fighters with tons of local support, and they replied with a very entertaining event. Local hotels, and restaurants were busy and it was nice to hear people say they were actually coming to Amherst for some entertainment instead of fleeing to the nearest city.
    Hats off to the promoters and organizers of this event. You will definitely see me at the next one. As for Non fight fan, when is the last time you have heard this much hype about an event in Amherst that was able to demonstrate our local talent? I challenge you to read up on the history and evolution of MMA and make the same statement we see above.

  • non fight fan
    January 18, 2010 - 11:09

    Who said the mayor got free tickets to be front and centre ?
    MMA is a joke - and should be banned from any public buildings in amherst , as per the bars being busy on the weekend - hello they are busy on the weekends duh , sounds like someone took too many hits to the head

  • Elmer
    January 18, 2010 - 11:04

    I don't know what Non-Fight fan is complaining about. Very similar non-sanctioned events have been going on in town on weekends for decades at an establishment down on Station Street!

  • J
    January 18, 2010 - 11:03

    Learn something about the sport first before you start throwing in your own take on the rules. btw...sure were a lot of cars for only 20 people!

  • Den
    January 18, 2010 - 10:56

    Where can I find the results of all the fight?

  • Mick Stagger
    January 18, 2010 - 10:49

    First of all, it is a controlled sport sanctioned by the boxing authority. Fighters must pass medical tests (many have failed in the past). FIghters must meet weight restictions. During a fight, the referee is looking at both fighters. The very second that one fighter cannot defend himself, the fight is stopped. This is no different than boxing. And to ensure the referee is not missing anything, you will see referees outside the ring watching. I saw one referee signal to the ref in the ring to stop the fight. This is not simply a gladiatorial fight. You cannot do certain things such as eye gouging, biting, head butting, kicking while opponent is down on the mat. MMA has grown to incorporate many fighting styles such as Jui jitsu, and muay thai. As far as a *sick sport*, this is no different than fighting on the ice in hockey, tackling someone hard in football or bench clearing in baseball/ basketball. As for 20 cars, try more like a parking lot full front and back just like the ramblers game. Like J says, learn about the sport before criticizing it!

  • ROB
    January 18, 2010 - 10:48

    congrats johnny..4-0 good job

  • George
    January 18, 2010 - 10:37

    Congrats John on another win!! You definalely get the crowd morale up after Josh Cold Feet Strickland back out of his fight!! Oops meant to type in Josh The Heat Strickland!!! MY BAD!!

    So true about the ppl in charge of stadium events having to wake up and get with the times...in my opinion this event did more for Amherst businesses then a home show or dog show.... Stay with the times Councillors and Stadium organizers!! MMA is HUGE!!! If you personally dont agree with it because of being from a different generation dont let your personal views hurt local business opportunities to get some much needed sales!!
    And I gotta say it was great to see the mayor Mr Small there at a table front and centre at a table with his sons and friends as they helped cheer on our local boys!! Good for you MR Mayor for showing your support!!!

  • non fight fan
    January 18, 2010 - 10:31

    There is something wrong with people who can say they enjoy seeing a person getting the crap punched - kicked out of him in a so called cage and only when the person is bleeding badly or near dead does the ref stops the match - this is called a sport ? there is some very sick people in amherst and the crowd was what 20 people ? does the town not control what the rent their buildings to ?
    this so called sport is sick and should be banned - it is in many states