On the sidelines with the Blues’ youngest McLure

Jocelyn Turner
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Off the ice, the fun never stops with the Blues’ youngest McLure, #93 Mike McLure. The player has a little fun with a dart gun and his coach (his father), Rob McLure. 

SPRINGHILL – He’s been labeled the team clown and change room goof ball. After quickly admitting he’s no good at interviews, Cumberland County Blue Mike McLure opened up about keeping the mood light in the change room.

Although his teammates never fail to get a laugh out of McLure’s erratic and comedic behavior, McLure said his outrageous actions are just part of his personality. After allowing equipment manager Connor into the room, and sit on his lap, McLure opened up.

“I’m not shy at all to be honest,” he said. “Do you want to see me juggle pylons?”

Clearly, staying on track wasn’t a strong suit for the 19 year-old player.

“I can’t sit still for more than five minutes,” he explained.

Despite being coached by his own father, McLure said their father-son relationship takes a backseat when it comes to the team.

“I don’t treat him like my father because I don’t think of him as my father when I’m on the bench, he’s a coach to me,” said McLure. “He’s a great coach.”

Although McLure said he gets along with everyone, he has a distinct choosing process, which helps determine who he will hang around with outside of the rink.

“It depends on the day, it depends on the moon and the height of the tides,” he said. “Today, myself and Nicholas Doucet jammed out to music all the way here. It was country for a bit and then I accidently switched channels, but I am close to everyone, but it depends on the moment.”

In regards to his playing strategy, McLure explained it’s easier for him to play at the best of his game if he doesn’t concentrate so hard.

“I just play better when I don’t (think about it),” he said.

The same relaxed strategy applies when McLure thinks about the future of the team. With the playoffs being very close, only a few games away should the Blues continue on, he said it’s easier not to think about it.

“It would be nice to make the playoffs,” he admitted. “But, we’ll have a good team next year. We’ll make it next year.”


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