Fundy Soccer announces house league rosters

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AMHERST – The Fundy Soccer Association will begin its 2013 season on Tuesday, June 11 at 6 p.m. and continue every Tuesday and Thursday from 6 to 7 p.m. until mid-August at the Church Street fields.

For more information, call 694-2345 or email .

Following are the rosters for the house league system:


Light Green Team: Coaches – Shawanoswe Tooley and Shawn Brunt; Players – Brady Boutilier, Hannah Brunt, Grace Hampel, Jordyn Siddall, Levi Allen, Rylan Blakeney, Willow Buske, Ava Tooley, Parker Aucoin, James-Joseph Dorrington, Rowan Dobson and Courtney Angus.

Black Team: Coaches – Chelsea Brownell and Caroline Milner; Players – Reed Gagnon, Donovan Scott, Keegan Webb, Ethan Gallagher, Aoife Byrnes, Ava Crocker, Lauren Stack, Leah Muzuik, Owen Scott, Everett Thompson, Taylor Carver, Cara Yorke and Ben Carter.

Purple Team: Coaches – Kyle Johnson and Samantha Stewart; Players – Lily Handley, Peter Sigtryggsson, Kaitlyn Fromm, Gabrielle Doucette, Shilah McCully, Taylor Brown, Kayden Purcell, Lucas Fowler, Courtney Jury, Leona Rector, Sophie O’Toole, Simon Medhi, Jana Rayworth and Alexis Robblee.

Dark Blue Team: Coaches – Sam Tingley and Michelle Everill; Players – Mathias Mayhew, Landon Patton-Kierstead, Hana Tower, Cole Rustige, Dominick Coates, Hannah Hebert, Emma Hebert, Meghan Noiles, Colin Murphy, Ella White, Ryker Reynolds, Aleyx Chitty, Arizona Peck and Cohen Peck.


Orange Team: Coaches – Marc Buske and Russell Scott; Players – Leah Brunt, Benjamin Sprague, Austin Murray, Noah Petter, Rylan Cousins, Dominique Doucette, Simon Buske, Eve Scott, Joseph Panizo-Melanson, Piper Sparling, Willow Keith, Anna Carter, Tate Jollota and Jaydyn Jollota.

Blue: Coach – Brittney Kane; Players – Jada Fletcher, Taqran Barrett, Alex Rossong, Alexis Sperry, Austin Dickie, Jacob Healy, Braydon Bronw, William Barnes, Rowan Embree, Claire Pendergast, Kerby Brown, Kylie Siddall, Will Allen, Addison Dill and Julie Fromm.

Red Team: Coach – TBA; Players – Arilynn Menzies, Jackson Gates, Tyler Quilty, Nolan Gunn, Aaron Brennen, Connor Hunter, Kenzie Crossman, Allyson MacAloney, Declan O’Blenis, Jaxon Cooke, Cole Vickery, Liam Bennett, Brooklyn Hirtle, Kyle Bickford and Aiden Lawrence.

Green Team: Coach – TBA; Players – Evan Gray, Katelyn Girouard, Jacob Somers, Alyssa Thompson, Maria Patton, Michael Boudreau, Keaton Mitchell, Raurie Bowens, Rory MacDonald, Addison Smith, Brayson Mitton, Avery Brown, Jaxon Harrson, Owen Shea-St. Peter and Ayden Doucette.


Purple Team: Coach – Jeff Brennan; Players – Zachery Gordon, Kiahna Brennan, Oskar Sigtryggsson, Tomas Sigtryggsson, Devan Benson, Thomas Smith, Mataya Sangster, Cassidy Sangster, Ben MacDonald, Jake Walker, Carter Lusby and Casey Arseneau.

Black Team: Coaches – Zac Black and Corey Wheaton; Players – Makayla Cookie, Julie Handley, Kaden Wilson, Elexa Mosley, Nathan Hampel, Reaghan Arsenault, Reece MacDonald, Brady Stack, Brooklyn Darragh, Jaxon Reynolds, Aiden Priest and Anickin Bouwens.

Red Team: Coach – Jesse Blakeney; Players – Lauren Beed, Burke Beed, Aleah Sprague-Phee, Abbie Byrnes, Jenna Siddall, Jace Cousins, Matthew Allaby, Bryson Gates, Moira Embree, Myah Seymour, Allison Pendergast and Olivia Patriquin.

Blue Team: Coach – Garth Frizzle; Players – Maddison Landry, Bradley Dobson, Santi Scott, Zoe Lirette, Leslie Muzuik, Tristan O’Blenis, Annabella Goldrich-Sharpe, Nicholas Frizzle, Logan Bennett, Austin Mitchell, Ethan Rose and Kieran Sears.


Purple Team: Coaches – Andrea Comeau and Kailey Kane; Players – Cameron Hardie, Cody Hill, Britney Baker, Samuel Barnes, Kaden Cooke, Daniel Paniqu-Zaciga, Kennedy Hyatt, Jaya Purdy, Caleb Priest, Gracen Chitty and Brennan vanVulpen.

Blue Team: Coaches – Langille Weatherbee and Chris Spencer; Players – Brody Greeno, Avery Hunter, Evan Carr, Keegan Jollota, Makayla Moses, River Sears-Tower, Janneka Hempel, Shawn Poulette, Sophie Patriquin and Zachary Trenholm.


Green Team: Coach – TBA; Players – Jerome Zeltner, Graden Chitty, Franics Bacon, Oliver Hoar, Blake Carter, Maddison Noiles, Christopher Benson, Cole Pardy, Morgan Dickinson, Caleb vanVulpen, Kyle Walker, Hannah Doucette, David Dickinson, Jared Soehner, Anna Moore, Ilene Panizo-Zaciga, Daniel Gouchie, Jaime Gouchie, Alexis Killen, Brandon McCormick and Diwan Minocha.


Organizations: Fundy Soccer Association, Red Team

Geographic location: Church Street, Hana Tower, Arizona

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