Superstition give Orr edge

Dave Mathieson
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Kody Orr.

AMHERST – Rabbit’s feet, black cats and broken mirrors are three traditional superstitions, but what about tape touching the ground?

“Once I tape my stick, the tape is not allowed to touch the ground,” said Kody Orr, captain of the Maritime Hockey League's Amherst Ramblers. “That’s a well known one. Everyone will vouch for that. The tape doesn’t touch the ground after I tape my stick.”

Many sports teams have at least one of them – the athlete who is very superstitious.

“Kody definitely stands out when he goes through his routines,” said teammate Jeff MacPherson. “He’s very consistent in his routines, on and off the ice.”

Orr said he’s followed the same game-day routine since joining the Ramblers several years ago.

“I have the same game-days every Saturday. I do the exact same thing. I wake up at the same time, and when I come to the rink I do the same stuff for warm up.”

MacPherson said it’s part of the game.

“I used to play with a goaltender who didn’t talk on game-day, so I’m not too surprised to have a teammate who’s superstitious.”

Orr might not give teammates the silent treatment on game-day but he does get in the shower at the exact same time and has a pre-game nap at the exact same time.

“This year I had a mid-term (test) on a Saturday, so I couldn’t have my pre-game nap, but I try not to look much into it, I just shake it off and go with the flow,” said Orr.

Orr said he’s a firm believer in superstitions.

“I’ve always been big on superstition and routines,” said Orr. “If you have your routines and superstitions, then you’re going to be more consistent as a player.”

Orr said he performs better on home ice.

“It’s a more familiar setting and your body is more used to it, instead of having to go on the road and be in a different situation,” he said. “On the road I try to keep the same mindset so I can perform no matter where I am.”

No matter when or where he plays, his superstitious way of life seems to have paid off.

Orr finished the regular season as the Ramblers top scorer with 62 points – 33 goals and 29 assists.

“I do feel superstitions effect the outcome of the game,” said Orr.

“A lot of people will tell you, especially the pros, the game has a lot of psychological stuff, and if you’re there psychologically, you’re there physically, and it’s a lot easier for your body to react to a situation.”

The Ramblers play their first playoff game Saturday night in Yarmouth against the Mariners, and Orr said he will be sticking to his routines.

“Maybe even more so,” he said.


Organizations: Maritime Hockey League Amherst Ramblers, Mariners

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