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Results of the survey

Do you feel Nova Scotia’s Animal Protection Act does enough to protect animals from neglect or harm?

  • 39% Yes
  • 44% No
  • 16% More can be done

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Will you attend a Christmas Eve church service this year?


How good are you at sorting recyclables, compost from garbage


Have you or will you do most of your Christmas shopping locally?


Do you support Amherst’s decision to discontinue fracking wastewater negotiations with Atlantic Industrial Services?


Are you surprised Bill Casey is going to run again in federal politics?

Recent survey

What did you do to mark Remembrance Day?

  • 44% Attended a service at the cenotaph
  • 18% Watched the national service on TV
  • 24% Took time to remember on my own
  • 14% Nothing

Do you think Amherst should accept waste water that was used in fracking operations?

  • 36% Yes, science says it’s OK
  • 55% No, I’m not convinced
  • 9% I need more information

What kind of winter do you think we'll have this year?

  • 19% Mild
  • 43% Stormy
  • 38% Somewhere in between

Were you surprised by the shooting incident in Ottawa?

  • 26% Yes, never thought it would happen in Canada
  • 74% No, it was only a matter of time before it happened in Canada

Will the temporary closure at the Amherst Guy’s Frenchys affect you?

  • 74% Yes, I love shopping there
  • 74% Somewhat
  • 74% Not at all

Will you support the United Way's annual campaign this year?

  • 37% I always support it
  • 8% I haven't before, but will this year
  • 55% I want to but can't

Where should Amherst build its new police station?

  • 28% On the former legion site
  • 27% Another location downtown
  • 45% South Albion Street /Robert Angus Drive area

Does Amherst need to consider implementing a cat bylaw to control its feline population?

  • 69% Yes, the cat population is out of control
  • 31% No, it would be difficult and expensive to enforce

How far should wind turbines be from homes in Cumberland County

  • 17% 600 metres
  • 20% 1 km
  • 5% 1.5 km
  • 58% 2 km

Have you participated the ALS Ice-Bucket Challenge?

  • 27% Already Have
  • 9% Haven’t been challenged yet
  • 2% Been challenged, but have done it yet
  • 62% Nope