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Results of the survey

Are you concerned about the impact the increase in property assessments will have on your tax bill?

  • 88% Yes
  • 12% No

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Should Springhill hold a public meeting to explain its financial situation?


Do you agree with the Amherst Ramblers decision to terminate its contract with coach Jim Bottomley?


How would you rate this winter’s weather?


Should Amherst give preference to local companies even if it cost more?

Recent survey

Do you agree with Amherst's decision to spend money on security cameras for Victoria Square and town hall?

  • 77% It should help reduce vandalism
  • 17% I don't like hte fact Big Brother is watching
  • 6% Don't know/no opinion

How far do you think the Amherst Ramblers will go in the MHL playoffs?

  • 25% They'll win the Kent Cup
  • 10% They'll make it to the league final
  • 17% They'll make it to the divisional final
  • 48% They won't get out of this round

Do you agree with Springhill town council's decision to apply to dissolve the town?

  • 75% Yes, staying a town is no longer affordable
  • 18% No, there has to be a way to stay a town.
  • 7% Don't know

With early spring potholes beginning to appear, how would you rate the state of roads in Cumberland County?

  • 78% Terrible
  • 3% Fair
  • 16% Typical for this time of year
  • 3% Great

What is your favourite kind of puzzle?

  • 55% Crossword
  • 18% Sudoku
  • 6% Cryptoquip
  • 0% Word Jumble
  • 14% Word Find
  • 7% Other

Do you take any remedies when you have a cold?

  • 37% Anything and everything
  • 11% One or two things
  • 15% Only if it’s really bad
  • 13% Natural stuff, soup and fluids
  • 13% None
  • 11% I never get colds

How will Canada's men's hockey team do at the Sochi Winter Games?

  • 64% Gold
  • 17% Silver
  • 8% Bronze
  • 11% No Medal

Will you follow any of the Winter Olympics from Sochi, Russia from Feb. 7 to 23?

  • 48% Every day
  • 10% Just the hockey
  • 20% A little bit
  • 22% None

Do you feel Nova Scotia’s Animal Protection Act does enough to protect animals from neglect or harm?

  • 39% Yes
  • 44% No
  • 17% More can be done

Has the cold weather increased your desire to go south this winter?

  • 73% Yes, it's too cold. Get me out of here.
  • 27% No, winter doesn't bother me.