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Results of the survey

How many trick-or-treaters do you normally get on Halloween?

  • 8% More than 100
  • 20% 50-100
  • 14% 25-50
  • 56% Less than 25

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What kind of winter do you think we'll have this year?

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Were you surprised by the shooting incident in Ottawa?

  • 26% Yes, never thought it would happen in Canada
  • 74% No, it was only a matter of time before it happened in Canada

Will the temporary closure at the Amherst Guy’s Frenchys affect you?

  • 74% Yes, I love shopping there
  • 74% Somewhat
  • 74% Not at all

Will you support the United Way's annual campaign this year?

  • 37% I always support it
  • 8% I haven't before, but will this year
  • 55% I want to but can't

Where should Amherst build its new police station?

  • 28% On the former legion site
  • 27% Another location downtown
  • 45% South Albion Street /Robert Angus Drive area

Does Amherst need to consider implementing a cat bylaw to control its feline population?

  • 69% Yes, the cat population is out of control
  • 31% No, it would be difficult and expensive to enforce

How far should wind turbines be from homes in Cumberland County

  • 17% 600 metres
  • 20% 1 km
  • 5% 1.5 km
  • 58% 2 km

Have you participated the ALS Ice-Bucket Challenge?

  • 27% Already Have
  • 9% Haven’t been challenged yet
  • 2% Been challenged, but have done it yet
  • 62% Nope

With a new coach and overhauled lineup, how do you think the Amherst CIBC Wood Gundy Ramblers will do this season?

  • 8% They'll compete for division title
  • 40% They'll make the playoffs
  • 52% They won't make the playoffs

Have you got all of your back to school shopping completed?

  • 13% Yes, we're ready to go
  • 15% No, have a bit more to go
  • 10% Haven't started
  • 62% Dont' have children in school

Should municipal units have the final say on whether hydraulic fracturing or wind farms should be permitted?

  • 70% Yes, they’re the people most affected by the results
  • 30% No, it should remain with the provincial/federal governments