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Results of the survey

Have you or will go to the second Maritime Rockabilly Shakedown Music Festival the weekend of Sept. 6 to 9?

  • 43% Yes
  • 56% No

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Are you a blood donor


How would you rank the severity of this winter?


Will you go to the sugar woods this spring to get some maple products?


Who do you think will be the member of parliament after the next federal election?


Should Amherst taken possession of the former train station from Via Rail

Recent survey

Do you think Amherst should create a graffiti wall near the town's skate park?

  • 58% Yes
  • 42% No

Do you agree with the Supreme Court ruling on doctor-assisted deaths?

  • 69% Definitely
  • 19% No, this is tragic
  • 10% I’m torn on this
  • 2% Don’t know much about it

Will you participate in winter carnival activities in Amherst and/or Springhill next week?

  • 25% Yes
  • 75% No

Did the first snowstorm of the season hasten planning for a southern vacation?

  • 36% Yes, get me out of here
  • 64% No, I love winter

Do you know any local families affected by oil production slowdown in the west?

  • 9% One person/family
  • 26% A number of people
  • 4% I am personally affected
  • 61% No

Do you think the province should consider tolling more highways to speed up twinning projects?

  • 31% Yes, it will speed up safety on our highways
  • 69% No, one toll highway is enough

What New Year's resolution did you make this year?

  • 29% Lose weight
  • 9% Exercise more
  • 6% Quit smoking
  • 8% Something else
  • 48% None

Do you think 2015 will be better than 2014 for you?

  • 45% Definitely
  • 25% Nope
  • 30% About the same

Will you attend a Christmas Eve church service this year?

  • 42% Yes
  • 50% No
  • 8% Maybe

How good are you at sorting recyclables, compost from garbage

  • 77% I'm very good at it
  • 16% I try, but always miss some
  • 7% I can't be bothered