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Results of the survey

What’s your favourite Rita MacNeil song?

  • 75% Working Man
  • 18% Flying on Your Own
  • 1% We’ll Reach the Sky Tonight
  • 5% Another of her songs.

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What will you do for summer vacation this year?


Do you think we can change the economic direction of the province as advocated by the One Nova Scotia Coalition?


What kind of summer do you think we’re going to have?


What festival are you most likely to attend this summer?


Do you agree with Cumberland County’s decision to maintain 12 council positions?

Recent survey

Do you think the recent visits of the prime minister and his wife will make any difference in Cumberland-Colchester?

  • 51% It should help Scott Armstrong
  • 10% It will hurt him
  • 39% Won’t make any difference

Who should the next coach of the Amherst CIBC Wood Gundy Ramblers be?

  • 27% Someone with QMJHL coaching experience
  • 22% Someone from within the MHL
  • 4% A younger coach
  • 47% Bring back Jim Bottomley

Who do you think this year's grassfire season will compare to others?

  • 21% It will be the same
  • 37% Unfortunately, there will be more fires
  • 42% Hopefully there will be less fires

Do you think there should be a municipal governance study in Cumberland County?

  • 80% Yes, we're over-governed
  • 20% No, it's fine the way it is

Do you agree with Amherst's decision to demolish the former BMO/police building downtown?

  • 61% Yes, it's past saving
  • 39% No, it's a piece of our history

Are you following the trial of disgraced Prince Edward Island Senator Mike Duffy?

  • 55% Yes
  • 45% No

Will you go to a maple supper this year?

  • 65% Yes, I love everything maple
  • 35% No, not a big fan of maple products

Are you a blood donor

  • 11% Yes, I donate regularly
  • 53% I was but am no longer able
  • 36% No, I never thought of it

How would you rank the severity of this winter?

  • 33% Worst I've experienced
  • 55% Worst in many years
  • 5% Not that bad
  • 7% You call that winter?

Will you go to the sugar woods this spring to get some maple products?

  • 46% It's an annual tradition
  • 26% I'll get some at the store
  • 28% Maple is not my thing