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Results of the survey

How bad do you think this weekend’s snowstorm is going to be?

  • 77% More than 20 cm of snow
  • 16% 10 to 20 cm of snow
  • 5% 0 to 10 cm of snow

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Have you made a donation to a local food bank this year?


Do you decorate your home and/or yard for Christmas


Do you have winter tires on your vehicle?


Do you agree with Cumberland County's decision to withdraw from a municipal governance study?


Will you attend a Christmas parade somewhere this season?

Recent survey

Do you think Amherst needs a public transit system such as a bus with regular routes?

  • 50% Yes
  • 50% No

Do you attend Christmas craft and bake sales?

  • 33% Yes
  • 67% No

How ready are you for winter?

  • 42% I'm ready to go
  • 37% I'm getting there
  • 21% Not even close

Will you wear a poppy or attend a Remembrance Day ceremony this year?

  • 93% Yes, I always do
  • 7% No, I never do

Do you support a municipal government study in Cumberland County?

  • 77% Yes, we need the facts and figures
  • 23% No, we don't need amalgamation

Is it too late to save the former BMO Building in downtown Amherst?

  • 56% Yes, it's soon going to fall down
  • 44% No, it's never too late

Should Amherst and Cumberland County expand their service sharing agreement into other areas?

  • 82% Yes, there are more savings
  • 18% No, they've shared enough

Were you surprised by Monday's election result?

  • 30% Yes, it was a surprise
  • 64% No surprise at all
  • 6%

How often do you buy from local farmers?

  • 27% Weekly
  • 16% Monthly
  • 57% Hardly Ever

What issue is most important to you this election?

  • 55% Economy
  • 5% Environment
  • 36% Health Care
  • 4% Security