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Results of the survey

Have you taken out a bank loan or applied for a credit card in the last six months?

  • 8% Yes
  • 91% No

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Should Amherst taken possession of the former train station from Via Rail


Do you think Amherst should create a graffiti wall near the town's skate park?

Recent survey

Do you agree with the Supreme Court ruling on doctor-assisted deaths?

  • 69% Definitely
  • 19% No, this is tragic
  • 10% I’m torn on this
  • 2% Don’t know much about it

Will you participate in winter carnival activities in Amherst and/or Springhill next week?

  • 25% Yes
  • 75% No

Did the first snowstorm of the season hasten planning for a southern vacation?

  • 36% Yes, get me out of here
  • 64% No, I love winter

Do you know any local families affected by oil production slowdown in the west?

  • 9% One person/family
  • 26% A number of people
  • 4% I am personally affected
  • 61% No

Do you think the province should consider tolling more highways to speed up twinning projects?

  • 31% Yes, it will speed up safety on our highways
  • 69% No, one toll highway is enough

What New Year's resolution did you make this year?

  • 29% Lose weight
  • 9% Exercise more
  • 6% Quit smoking
  • 8% Something else
  • 48% None

Do you think 2015 will be better than 2014 for you?

  • 45% Definitely
  • 25% Nope
  • 30% About the same

Will you attend a Christmas Eve church service this year?

  • 42% Yes
  • 50% No
  • 8% Maybe

How good are you at sorting recyclables, compost from garbage

  • 77% I'm very good at it
  • 16% I try, but always miss some
  • 7% I can't be bothered

Have you or will you do most of your Christmas shopping locally?

  • 18% All of it
  • 40% Most of it
  • 26% Some
  • 16% None