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Results of the survey

Is your vehicle equipped with snow tires?

  • 66% Yes.
  • 9% No.
  • 19% I use all season tires.
  • 3% Doesn't apply to me.

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What is your primary source of heat?


What is the biggest municipal election issue to you?


Do you think regional government or municipal amalgamation in Cumberland County should be an election issue?


Are you concerned for the future of health-care services in Cumberland County?


Will you contribute to the United Way of Cumberland's annual campaign?

Recent survey

Have you completed your back to school shopping yet?

  • 22% Yes
  • 10% Almost done
  • 68% Haven't started/No children

Will you attend the Cumberland County Exhibition next week?

  • 20% Yes
  • 80% No

How often do you give to charity

  • 60% Often
  • 16% When there is a call to action
  • 24% Not at all

Which issue matters most to you in the next municipal election?

  • 3% Tourism
  • 52% Jobs
  • 8% Roads
  • 37% Taxes

How often do you check your fire alarm batteries

  • 0% Once a month
  • 17% Every couple of months
  • 70% Once a year
  • 13% Don’t own a fire alarm

Should politicians be accountable for their actions outside of government business?

  • 87% Yes
  • 8% No
  • 5% Undecided

Does the outcome of the next U.S. election concern you?

  • 62% Yes, it will impact our country
  • 38% Not really, but its fun to watch

Do you think Nova Scotia will have a fall election?

  • 56% Yes
  • 44% No

Where are you spending your summer vacation this year?

  • 52% Close to home
  • 16% Elsewhere in Nova Scotia
  • 18% Out of province
  • 14% Out of country

Do you think crime is going up in Cumberland County?

  • 45% Yes it is
  • 34% It's the same as always
  • 21% There's not as much crime