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Results of the survey

Is your vehicle equipped with snow tires?

  • 66% Yes.
  • 9% No.
  • 19% I use all season tires.
  • 6% Doesn't apply to me.

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Are you getting less email spam now that new legislation is in place.


Were you surprised with the decision to turn the CRDA investigation over to the RCMP?


Are you disappointed with Sobeys’ decision to close its Amherst Foodland store?

Recent survey

How much of your summer vacation time will be spend locally?

  • 86% Most
  • 6% Some
  • 8% None

Will you watch any of the FIFA 2014 World Cup of soccer?

  • 28% Yes, soccer is exciting to watch
  • 72% No, it’s a boring sport

Do you still feel safe in your community after the fatal shooting last week of three RCMP officers in Moncton?

  • 82% Yes, it was isolated incident.
  • 18% No, I don't feel safe at all.

Where will you spend your summer vacation this year?

  • 64% At Home
  • 10% Elsewhere in Nova Scotia
  • 12% Elsewhere in the Maritimes
  • 14% Somewhere else in Canada

Do you agree with the town's decision to spend $40,000 to repair the BMO Building even though its future is undecided?

  • 27% Yes, it's our history and must be saved
  • 73% No, it's going to be a money pit

Should the town provide a $10,000 grant to the Amherst CIBC Wood Gundy Ramblers

  • 41% Yes, the team is important to the town.
  • 49% No, the town already does enough for the team.
  • 10% I don't know.

How many municipal units should there be in Cumberland County?

  • 19% The status quo, 5
  • 20% Cut it down to 3
  • 61% One will do

Should Nova Scotia Power be brought back under government control/ownership?

  • 67% Yes, privatization hasn't worked
  • 19% No, government will make it worse
  • 14% Don't know

What will happen to gas prices this summer?

  • 62% They will continue to rise
  • 8% They will level out
  • 4% They will decrease
  • 26% They will go up and down

Did you buy any locally-produced maple products this year?

  • 66% Yes
  • 23% No
  • 11% I'm not a fan of maple products