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To the Editor,
Mr. McKay, in his article on Dec. 1, suggested that since we now live in such an enlightened age, we no longer need the Bible or its teachings.
I have to wonder what part of our enlightened society he is referring to. Could it be the part where we have thrown God out of our schools and replaced Him with armed guards, or the part where we teach the theory of evolution as though it were a fact, or the part where we teach children about sex and give them no moral guidelines for this new found knowledge, or the part where the most unsafe place for a baby to be is in its mother's womb, or the part where we pardon convicted murderers and call it justice, or the part where so many people have huge amounts of money in banks and savings plans while millions of children around the world go to bed hungry every night, or maybe it's the part where we teach our children about a little fat fellow who comes down our chimney to bring us presents while never mentioning the real meaning of Christmas, and on and on I could go.
Yes, we certainly do live in an "enlightened" society.
It boggles Mr. McKay's mind to think that anyone in this age of wisdom could believe the Bible because of the lack of concrete evidence. Apparently he has never heard of organizations such as "Creation Research" or the "Creation Science Association" and other such groups, which consist of many scientists and experts in various fields, who believe and teach the "biblical" account of creation.
They believe the earth to be less than 12,000 years old, and not millions of years old, as taught by the theory of evolution. I think it would take more faith to believe that we came from monkeys, than to believe that "in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." (Genesis 1)
Do you realize that there is no scientific evidence to prove the theory of evolution, which so many in our enlightened society believe? Do you know that there has never been one fossil found that would prove the theory of evolution?
There have been some proven hoaxes put forth over the years, by some desperate men to try to prove this crazy theory, the remains of Java man and Piltdown man being prime examples. There are many fossils found each year and some are of things which have long ago become extinct, but there are no fossils of something changing into something else. This is the so-called "missing link" for which evolutionary scientists are desperately looking, which they will never find, because there aren't any. God has said, "Everything will produce after its kind". (Genesis 1) This is a law "written in stone", so to speak.
There have been many people down through the ages, who have rejected the Bible, but they have come and gone, and yet the Old book marches on, as God has said, "I will preserve my word". (Matthew 24)
Mr. McKay says the Bible has no relevance in our day, and yet each day, all around the world, countless numbers of people read the pages of the "Holy Writ", to find comfort, hope, guidance and instruction. In its pages we find the answers to life and death, and events of the last days.
We, as an "enlightened" society, would do well to read and heed what the "Old Book" says.
Phil Gilbert, Maccan

Organizations: Genesis 1, Science Association

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Recent comments

  • Joe
    February 24, 2010 - 23:46

    I actually read the old book and if I heeded to it I'd be in jail for life. I'll take a pass on the bible.

  • peter
    February 24, 2010 - 23:46

    Mr. Gilbert is right. By pushing God's word aside society has gone down the road to moral decay, the likes that has never been seen before.

    If a person wishes to believe in evolution, so be it, but they must realize that if they do, then they have no right to blame god for every thing that goes wrong, and remember if this is their belief, then they will have to be satisfied with the thought of this life being all their is.

    I for one, of many, wish to have faith and hope in the bible teaching and hope for something better than what evolution teaches.

  • Robert
    February 24, 2010 - 23:46

    Why put your life into the hands of faceless faith? It does nothing in real terms. Morality is taught, not inherited. One can be moral, just and good and still not believe in scripture.