Old is new again

Cameron Don
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The throngs of young people who hangout in almost all communities are mostly harmless but there are always a few who make things bad for the rest.

They block sidewalks, irritate business owners, smoke and spit ... and generally make a nuisance of themselves.
An old idea may need to be brought back to control the troublemakers.
Not so long ago, many communities had curfews and the police and parents made sure they were followed.
Curfews are rarely favoured by the ones they are meant to control but parents warm up to them quickly.
They have the rule of law behind them when they set time limits on their offspring. If they only knew it, there is even little downside for the young people who are the target of the rules.
There is no reason for anyone of school age to be out walking the streets after a certain hour of the evening. There is little good to be done but plenty of bad.
There are plenty of other things to entertain young people these days - television, video games, cellphones, computers ... and homework is always there to be done. School is a almost a full-time job for older students who get stacks of work to do after they leave class.
Curfews may have a bad name and be looked on as old fashioned but it may be time to dust them off.
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