Supporting symbolism of Jeans stance in Canadas north

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To the Editor,

What follows is an open letter sent today to Canada's Governor General.
You seem to be such a warm and wonderful person, that I feel I can address you as informally as I have done. I have always liked you as our Governor General. You are doing a great job. You are an immigrant as I am. You seem very smart and capable and being so pretty helps too, of course.
Today I write to congratulate you on the courage that you have shown in Nunavut. I come from a background that understands and appreciates the role and importance of primary industries. I had to help with the slaughter of pigs for the family table, when I was only five years old. It is important for someone like you, in your position, to remind that segment of our Canadian urban population, which no longer can identify with the realities of "living off the land" and of primary food production, that eating means killing. Everyone likes to eat. Pretending that everything just magically appears on the supermarket shelves is so artificial. Yet that artificiality translates with so many into a state of superior detachment, which then degenerates into disdain and criticism of the primary producers and processors.
Your example in Rankin Inlet is not just about seals. It is about our dependence on nature, our inter-relationship with animals and the realities of the food-chain, in which the human species participates.
You are being criticized by some but I believe there are many of us who constitute the silent majority and who support the symbolism of your behaviour in our Canadian North. Again, thank you and congratulations.
Morris J. Haugg, Q.C., Amherst
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Recent comments

  • Jason
    January 18, 2010 - 10:38

    oh Haugg...always willing to jump on a non-issue. but hey eh to stick it to ...who? vegans...16 to 19 year old hippie wannabes? I don't even know who complained about Jeans actions.

    I don't think it took any courage. And as an act of symbolism its completely overblown by Mr. Haugg.

    Perhaps Mr. Haugg would have been better off commenting on the corporatization and the perversation of our inner-relationship with animals. It seems to me that the producers and processors of some of the products we consume are responsible for having poor processes that caused harm to fellow humans. Say like feeding dead cow to cows...common sense says not a good idea. So where is your comment on that Mr. Haugg...?

    Me I have no problem with what Jean did, I would expect it as a matter of courtesy. I also have no issue with the fact we are dependent on processors and primary producers. But Mr. Haugg trying to dress her actions as somehow supporting corporate processors? Bit of a stretch there Mr. Haugg.