How much did Ernie know?

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To the Editor;

In reference to Turning up the heat, (Amherst Daily News, May 26), Ernie Fage's silence on the future of the county jail, while sitting as an Independent, begs the question - what did he have to say about it while he was still in the Tory caucus, and in particular being in cabinet during the time in question?
To say that he didn't know about it, when the evidence shows clearly that it was a done deal as far back as 2007, is about equal to him forgetting to tell the cabinet about the Potatogate fiasco. His excuse that he spoke to Justice Minister Clarke, and was told that no decision had been made, is really grasping at straws. Why would any cabinet minister tell a loose cannon Independent anything that is privy to cabinet only? Mr. Fage was certainly fishing in the wrong hole, and unlike his federal counterpart Bill Casey, who got as much done as an Independent in dealing with his constituency agenda as he did when he sat with the government, Fage has managed to alienate both the government and opposition with his whining and excuse making.
Of course, as always, he will win the sympathy vote, the same misdirected vote that kept the federal riding devoid of meaningful representation for 32 years up until a few years ago. Aside from that dangerous fringe, why would practical-minded voters elect a man who has been nothing more than a rubber stamp, whose biggest achievement was to become an embarrassment to the government? In fact his admission that he voted with the government on bad legislation because he still considered himself a Tory, makes him the classic rubber stamp.
There is more to political representation than covering off a seat in the legislature and having a well-rehearsed staff. Progressive ridings hope to elect someone with new ideas; someone who has the constituents at heart, not someone who endorses whatever the government thinks we should have.
John G. McKay, Amherst
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Recent comments

  • old boys club no.2 in cha
    January 18, 2010 - 11:23

    john is this the best you can do to try and bring mr fage down give it up please. look into the furture and stop living in the past what is wrong with you hard heads in c north mr fage done lots for his riding ,there is a old saying-10 GOOD THINGS NO ONE CARES 1 BAD THING EVERY ONE HEARS john take off your blinders and look around . need i say any more

  • know it all
    January 18, 2010 - 11:10

    very sad story - ernie give it up - you are an embarrassment to cumberland county - get out while you have any pride left ~~~ if you have any

  • Moriarty
    January 18, 2010 - 10:58

    Progressive ridings hope to elect someone with new ideas; someone who has the constituents at heart, not someone who endorses whatever the government thinks we should have.

    Someone like Brian Skabar!

  • Bob
    January 18, 2010 - 10:49

    wow he will win the sympathy vote....ooooh the dangerious fringe....32 years without meaningful representation? geez John MacKay you make it sound like we live in Sri Lanka...dangerious fringe? Sympathy vote? Give me a break....I'm not voting for the guy but your sound off is over the top.

  • Mike
    January 18, 2010 - 10:44

    Keith Hunter is being very critical of Ernie Fage for not taking a stand on the jail move, stating that it was introduced by the Tories in 2006 that it would be moved to Springhill. If that is the case...why did it take Keith until 2009 to speak out about the jail move? If he was so concerned shouldn't he have opened his mouth sooner? Remember Keith when you point your finger, there are three pointing back at you....

  • mark
    January 18, 2010 - 10:33

    always was a conservative, Bill casey amazing man...Ernie Fage, was good, but has made a few big mistakes however electing Keith hunter to run for the torries in my mind political ERROR! so I looked at other parties and after watching them on news for the last 3 nights, I think I would rather vote for the devil we know than the devil that is hiding behind Ernies mistakes, so Ernie it is for me, hopefully he has learned from his mistakes, you have my vote ernie