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To the Editor,
The cat population in Amherst and Springhill is out of control. Recently I found three small kittens under a pile of construction debris. They were clearly hungry and there was no sign of a mother cat.
So, as a logical person I brought them to the animal shelter and and was told by the woman there that they were full and could not take them. Then, she gave me a phone number for a veterinarian in Sackville who would euthanize them and that was the only other option.
On my way out the door in total disbelief as to what this woman was saying, she then tells me the veterinarian's prices are reasonable. I found these poor things and it becomes my responsibility to then pay to kill them? No wonder so many people just leave found animals right where they are when the people who are supposed to be a shelter tells you tough luck.
I am totally disgusted with the way these animals are taken care of by their "advocates."
Jessica Nelson, Springhill

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    January 18, 2010 - 11:11

    I know the shelter does it's best with the means they have. When the shelter is full, the shelter is full; and they are full always. A cat is adopted and thereis another one brought in to take the spot. I know they give a few options: The cats can be put on a waiting list that is really long, or you can try to find the cats or kittens a home until a pen becomes available. The Spca is another option, but they too are usually full. Euthanization is an option the shelter may give, but it is only an option. I have had to use this option myself and not that I wanted to, but it is better than the poor things starving,being diseased, and better yet prducing even more off-spring. And yes, Sackvile is where I went, since the vet in Amherst will not take healthy cat or kittens to euthanize. And yes Sackvilee is a little cheaper, especially when you don't have a lot of money this is a good thing to know. At least there is a vet nearby that relates to the problem we are facing here in Cumberland County. There are thousands of starving and sick strays in the County and the Shelter cannot look after all of them. They can only do so much, but they try.


  • S
    January 18, 2010 - 10:37

    I agree this is a huge problem in this area, for a fairly big community there doesnt seem to be alot of support for the shelter and a fair amount of people have the attitude that its just an animal. Well, I happen to beleive cats have feelings, my cat purrs when I come home, meows when he is hungry, sits happily beside me, loves to be patted and runs when he is scared,...leaving a poor innocent animal to die is just wrong and I will never understand it. I think we need to get behind the shelter and start doing more for them, the same time, people need to be able to adopt cats and I have heard of a few stories where people were refused when they wanted to adopt, people who wouldve loved to take one any case, it is the cats that are lonley and scared and hungry and that is where we need to direct our attention.

  • Spayed Cat Owner
    January 18, 2010 - 10:33

    I have to disagree with the writer. She needs to redirect her anger and disgust at all the irresponsible pet owners in Amherst and Springhill. The reason the cat population is so high is because cat owners fail to do the right thing and have their cats fixed. When we got our kitten two years ago we got her spayed as soon as she was old enough. In the meantime we kept her indoors. Common sense told us that was the right and responsible thing to do. Don't blame the shelter. They are doing the best they can with the resources that they have. It's not their fault that others refuse to do the right thing.