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The nation awoke Monday to read the love affair between the federal Conservatives and Liberals, which saved Prime Minister Steven Harper's minority government from a coalition government takeover, is over.
As reported by the Canadian Press, the Conservatives are now scouring hundreds of hours of videotape to prepare attack ads on Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, which will be used to lead up towards the next federal election.
The Conservatives were issued kid gloves after Ignatieff took the reigns of Liberal control to foster an end to the proposed coalition, but with the budget now behind them and the NDP and Bloc Quebecois staunchly opposed to the Liberals every move, money is now being funneled towards smearing the Liberals.
In this age of enhanced communications it should be expected money will be used towards multi-media campaigning but, suffice to say, when a government says it is battening-down the hatches for an economic meltdown the revelation our government is working hard towards smearing its competition leaves a bad taste in our mouths.
According to Export Development Canada, January 2009 was the hardest year on record for Canadians - 129,000 jobs disappeared. In Ottawa, though, Conservative staffers are working away at coming up with a follow-up to last year's award winning smear, "The Liberal leader is indecisive."
How much did that one cost?
If the government - Conservative, Liberal, NDP or otherwise - wants to dedicate resources towards attack ads then it should be a process free-from partisan politics. Yes, you read that right.
Allocate the time, money and resources towards job creation. Rather than have the newly unemployed line up at employment centres, offer them the opportunity to make some extra cash by sitting down and watching these videos for the parties and record their findings. Others can compile the findings, hand them over to people with marketing experience who will determine appropriate media packaging and then high school students looking for work experience can spend a day coming up with snappy campaign slogans, like "Harper's a big meanie," or "Ignatieff blows."
Then, when the election is on, the parties can pick up their smear campaigns at the door and have at it.
That is, if the parties don't mind down-and-out Canadians contributing to politics in this country.

Organizations: Conservatives, NDP, Canadian Press Bloc Quebecois Export Development Canada

Geographic location: Ottawa

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