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It was a catch phrase too good to go unnoticed.
In covering Human Resources Minister Diane Finley's announcement Sunday, that the federal government is looking to put $1.5 billion behind job training in the country, some reporters called the announcement an "orchestrated leak" by the Conservatives in advance of this week's federal budget.
While not the first time a government has leaked details of a forthcoming budget, the Prime Minister's office has drawn the ire of Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, who says leaking information to the press is a game too irresistible for PM Stephan Harper to resist.
Faced with tough economic times, perhaps Ignatieff isn't far from the mark.
With the $1.5 billion commitment dependant on the budget being approved by a majority in Parliament, Finley effectively announced nothing but an idea of what the government would like to do.
Some could argue such leaks fall under the guise of transparent government but, in reality, it is just another case of one party trying to sway public perception, and stands to baffle Canadians as to what reality is. By standing up and shouting from the mountain top the government would like to do this and like to do that, it fails to give Canadians a clear picture as to what is really happening. No one will know what that is until a decision is made to pass or reject the Conservative budget.
Faced with a possible coalition of opposition parties to unseat the minority government, the Conservatives are playing dirty pool with Canadians impacted by the recession, feeding them maybes instead of being diligent.
If the politicians want to play politics, so be it, but under no circumstances should any policy maker start tooling with the truth for the sake of their party, position or popularity. At the end of the day there are real people counting on the government to have substance behind its words and actions; not ploys to make one party seem less-sympathetic to the fact people are losing their jobs and worrying about putting food on the table.

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