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Were we to look at the laws of the land 100 years ago it's fair to say the rules that governed Canada closely mirrored the 10 Commandments with a smattering of municipal bylaws to create local flavour.
Today, however, laws, regulations and legislations seem unbound and build upon each other by the day in a race to keep up with the times.
The Nova Scotia Liberals are hoping to amend the Education Act and ban cellphones during class hours in a move to thwart texting, messaging and interrupting classroom learning. The real lesson, however, is that the Liberals don't need to create new rules to enforce etiquette. It was unlikely during the days of the telegram teachers had to contend with messengers flying into the classroom to pass little Timmy his post, but if they did they would surly tell both Timmy and the messenger that such activity during class was inappropriate. In Cumberland County, students are simply told cellphone use during classroom time is inappropriate and are asked to tuck their cellular devices away.
The Chignecto Central Regional School Board should be lauded for maintaining a sense of etiquette by nipping this supposed issue the Liberals are trying to create in the bud well before the proposed amendments were brought forth.
The Liberals should take heed, however, proposing legislation for the sake of looking proactive is a slippery slope and at some point will be asked to stand and have their merits measured.
Too often the art of discussion and the art of action appear to blur when in reality the two can coexist without causing one to spur the other. Unfortunately, opposition parties tend to fall on the sword screaming with their dieing breath that the government is discussing issues without action. In turn, they come up with these tripe ideas like taking over civility and manners for the layperson and making them law. To what benefit would it be if we started legislating how schools react to the newest technological marvel? None. School boards, their institutions and their administrations are at the frontlines of what our youth present as challenges in the school system. Not government. Government has been at arms-length since awarding its responsibilities to the school boards and the Liberal recommendation to ban cellphones in class is a too-little-too-late-response to an issue already dealt with by the appropriate authorities.
Hopefully they get the message.

Organizations: Liberal Party, Chignecto Central Regional School Board

Geographic location: Canada, Cumberland County

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