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It seems promoters of Nova Scotia just can't help but try to reinvent the wheel. In its most recent bout of advertising the province is promoting a fake all-in-one communications device over the Internet. The tear-shaped handheld Pomegranate NS08 claims to do it all: text messaging, Internet surfing, cell phone, GPS and brew coffee. The $300,000 campaign is a sleek website designed to attract new visitors to the province by presenting a bogus product in a method known as viral marketing.
Yes, from the province that has offered us such hits as Premier Rodney MacDonald's Top 10 list (in the style of David Letterman) and the Calgaria campaign to encourage expatriated Nova Scotians to return home, Nova Scotia has dumped $300,000 into a website that offers nothing under the pretense it will at least make Nova Scotia something to think about when considering destinations.
Granted, it is probably one of the more superior websites to be found online, the campaign is not sitting well with some Nova Scotians, who blast the province for offering deceit rather than bolster existing success stories and that the website loads an unprecedented amount of useless files onto a user's computers in order to just view the viral campaign. It also has its supporters, though, who, after realizing the site,, is a farce, call the site's deceit genius.
But how does such a fictional device capable of being a harmonica attract people to places off the beaten path, like the Elysian Fields of Cumberland County, should they decide to come to the province.
A good chunk of change went into the campaign while rural markets in the province are left to pray for some form of unguaranteed spin-off.
Frankly, the site is an exercise in creativity designed towards grabbing the attention of progressive minded individuals. Making the connection between the NS08 and the province, however, is vague and with little mention of what they can enjoy when they get here.
Ocean kayaking in Advocate, parasailing in Parrsboro, skiing and hiking in Wentworth, surfing in Cape Breton during the month of March - many of these opportunities do attract progressive spirits and could have been propped up towards the adventurous market the NS08 is after.
Instead they get a phone you can shave with that doesn't exist.
How tripe.

Geographic location: Nova Scotia, Elysian Fields, Cumberland County Parrsboro Wentworth Cape Breton

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