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Christopher Gooding
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Without a crystal ball to look into it's hard to say what the Town of Springhill will do next as it awaits a town planner's recommendation whether or not it should rezone a parcel of land next to a community centre for the purpose of building a new public works garage.
It was evident during a "public opportunity" for citizens to voice their opinion with regards to the rezoning that there really are more questions than answers at this point and that town planner Jason MacDonald will have to work diligently to get to the bottom of things.
Producing a letter of correspondence stamped in blue ink with the word "Copy" (the same stamp used by court houses) Mayor Guy Brown read to the attending audience its contents from 2003 -- that a deal was in the works for the town to acquire the land now in question if the town would agree to the landowner's terms.
Someone, somewhere obviously had the foresight to preserve this interaction and, perhaps, many more, as the mayor claimed he was in possession of.
As noted by MacDonald this was the first he had heard of any conditions with the land and it's highly suspect that a deed search is now in order to determine what Springhill's solicitor and that of the former landowner would have coined in the contract of sale.
That is, if the deed was ever acquired. It remained unclear during the hearing if a deed for the land had ever been procured after the 2003 dealings an no one present could readily say they have seen a deed. Regardless, there's much work to be done before Mr. MacDonald hands over his recommendation to council. And it should be noted, too, Mr. MacDonald was a champion for the protection of the Parrsboro watershed area and has demonstrated that he has no bones about going up against any of his contractual employers, as was the case as he stood firm against the Municipality of Cumberland County as they humored a request to allow a gas station open in the watershed area. By way of example we can expect his recommendation will be well thought out, making it the responsibility of the Town of Springhill to do the same.

Geographic location: Springhill, Parrsboro, Cumberland County

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