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A bar room brawl fit for Patrick Swayze in the movie Road House takes place outside Halifax's now notorious night club, the Dome, and the Minister of Health Promotion begins to blabber that cheap booze must be the beast to blame.
Come on. A bunch of dolts have it out and the Minister wants establishments to raise prices. Does this really sound like what you want your democratically elected government using your tax dollars to work on?
The real problem is that the province, Nova Scotia Health Promotion and the Nova Scotia Liquor Commission are not on the same page according to their mandates, motivations and actions. While all under the umbrella of government there is absolutely no correlation in their efforts and are not working together. Instead they are grooming whatever decent sound bite they can rustle up and barfing them up in front of the media.
In the summer of 2007 Nova Scotia Health Promotion winds up the pitch that they plan to encourage Nova Scotians to drink responsibly and in moderation. Meanwhile, the province adopts regulations allowing for provincially owned liquor stores to be open Sunday, allow licensed establishments to stay open one hour longer and for patrons to bring their own wine into licensed restaurants. Thereafter many liquor stores begin to drop the distribution of six packs of beer and stock denominations of eight, twelve and twenty-four, not to mention half-pints of hard liquor had been replaced with full pints only.
They talk the talk all right but their walk is just slightly obscure.
If the province wanted consumers to live in moderation they would offer moderation. If they wanted responsibility they would reward responsibility. And if they wanted fewer brawls at the end of the night they'd do something more effective than source out cheap alcohol as the root of all evil instead of their own blinding lack of direction and take that first step -- admit "they" have a problem -- if they want to rehabilitate effective policy in this province. Perhaps they'll find their inability to lead on this matter has negatively impacted the consumers' appreciation that licensed establishments have strict provincial codes they must adhere to, such as cutting off intoxicated patrons.
Again, what is moderation? If the province cannot lead by example on something so simple then why should we even begin to pretend we know the answer. Cheers.

Organizations: Road House, Nova Scotia Liquor Commission

Geographic location: Halifax

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