Heaven is by favour, not merit

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To the Editor,

Just so Mr. Phil Gilbert, of Maccan doesn't languish in the sleep of the just believing he has pulled off a major coup in refuting my article on the Biblical flood, it was clearly evident that the more he wrote the deeper he dug the hole he ended up in.

Everything that he couldn't justify using concrete fact, he put down to his god performing the tasks that the laws of the universe couldn't support. Why would the god that invented the whole shooting match break his own laws just to drown his own invention, the human race?

Why would it matter, and why would he bother to transport all of the animals of the world to the Ark that nobody in the Middle East even knew about? It would seem that Mr. Gilbert's god had more concern for the soulless animals than he did for humanity.

I can only suggest that when Mr. Gilbert stands before the Pearly Gates awaiting his reward, that he not take his dog with him.

To paraphrase Mark Twain: Heaven goes by favour; if it went by merit, he would stay out and his dog would go in.


John G. McKay,


Geographic location: Maccan, Middle East

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